According to Savage's 21 co-managers, the organizers of the Grammy Awards refused to release two tickets that could go to the rapper of the Slaughter Gang. The 61st edition of the Grammys is set to take place while the 21 Savage remains in isolation. As a result, his manager interacted with the organizers and tried to redistribute the tickets so that 21

mothers would attend on his / her behalf.

After exposing the non-admittance of 21 Savage's non-admittance nature, the manager of "Stone Mound Meezy" ended the termination loss in a second Tweet where he said, "We are not going to Grammys … politics and shit are ridiculous … "on behalf of 21 Savage, his mother, and the rest of the rapper's entourage.

Meezy is the same conversation that gave fans updates on 21 Savage states on February 5. According to him, though the 21 cell Holding of Savage is sad, and the conditions are not humane, the rapper remains vibrant. "I just got the phone running Savage," she wrote in a Tweet which was removed. "She is in lockdown for 23 hours of day without TV or any communication other than our 10 minute phone calls … All I told her that happening made her happy and makes this time fly by thanks for everything support. "