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& # 39; The poorest episode ever & # 39; The & # 39; Voice & # 39; fans has crossed over the new Cross-battles

On Monday, Voice introduced a crazy new round, Cross-Battles, where – for the first time – two participants from against faced for public votes. Maybe it's an attempt to drop the series after 16 seasons. Host Carson Daly has hyped up what should be a historic and long night … but instead, it's just an epic. The night is historic, right, but for all the wrong reasons. An excited audience still tweeted that it was the [ Simpsons Comic Book Guy voice) the worst Voice ever, and not just because of the latest haircut's Adam Levine

. (We all know #Bathrobegate is the worst Voice episode ever, let's get real.) And not everything that went wrong Monday is the contestants' fault. But it is obvious that some of the Monday shows are off-key, and that many of the shows are generally plagued by audio problems. How will this happen in Season 16 ? Some sound engineers at ABC are likely to get fired right about today.

Fortunately, some stellar performances – through Presley Tennant, Kayslin Victoria, Domenic Haynes, Oliv Blu, and especially Maelyn Jarmon – have redeemed this iffy episode. The public voting window opens immediately after the East Coast broadcast, and on Tuesday, winning spots on the top 24 Live Playoffs will be revealed – with each coach having a Save and one Steal. Let's hope the episode of Tuesday goes a little bit better than Mondays. Until now, the Cross-Battles are down this week (the series will be replacing the other half of the remaining 32 contestants next week):

Kim Cherry (Team Blake) vs. Betsy Ade (Team Kelly)

Blake Shelton followed the reigning champion Kelly Clarkson, who decided to defend his resident rocker against Blake's rapper. Kim, who has proven to be legitimate during the Battle Rounds, has unfortunately been regressed in his new-acting ways at a drunk-karaoke rendition of Bel Biv DeVoe of "Poison." Alanis Morissette's cover of "You Oughta Know" is a bad conversation for a production of Off-Off-Broadway Jagged Little Pill musical. It's a screechy, gaspy mess. Honestly, both women should be eliminated. But I think the winner in this round is Kim, only because he is at least trainwreckingly entertaining.

Mari (Team Adam) vs Selkii (Team Blake)

My! " By Troye Sivan and, despite the muddy audio, a stunning performance has been achieved. It was felt cool and contemporary, from the song selection in style to the free dance moves. Selkii then sang the version of Natalie Imbruglia "Torn," and her throat was torn. It's a weak, total amateur-hour stuff. What's happening at ? Selkii was awe-inspiring last week only. I'm not "torn" about this one: Let's be the clear winner. Lisa Ramey (Team Legend) vs. Karen Galera (Copy Kelly)

Lisa is not equal, equally (he was denied when he tried last year, and had just turned a chair at this time), but his take on the bluesy "It Hurts So Bad" by Susan Tedeschi was amazingly solid. In a few moments, he starts to crunch, and he is very hot in all red leather Loverboys. And at least it's not a disaster. Sadly, it can not be said for Karen's rain of Rihanna's "Unfaithful". He was a nose and pitchy from the beginning and sounded very nerves, delivering nothing to the original fire and drama. His pronunciation is also far away. This is a performance that is badly injured; Lisa is the obvious winner.

Matthew Johnson (Kelly Team) vs. Domenic Haynes (Team of Adam)

Loves you "Matthew is talented, but so, so conservative and old-school. It's like something from Kelly's American Idol season in 2002. Domenic's version of Alex Clare's version of Etta James's "Damn Your Eyes" is just the opposite: nervous, interesting -like, and somewhat angry, a unique tone of sexy. Hot "damn"! The Domenic has to win this one; The boring Voicemail really needs him. As his coach Adam Levine puts, he is "one of the most devoted, raw, emotional and powerful singers he has ever seen."

Presley Tenant (Kelly Team) vs. Kayslin Victoria (Team Legend)

Of the best participants in the season, teen prodigies, need to head to head as soon as possible. Cross-Battles are absorbing! First, Presley did RiRi's justice and made it for Karen's unobtrusive performance as she broke out the fearless and furious "Love of the Brain." Kayslin is then a pop-up pop star, which looks much like him in MTV VMAs than [19459009AngVoice while he strutted on stage at Zedd and Alessia Cara's "Stay." Both girls need to stay. If I have to choose, I go to the super rich Kayslin, but it's a Cross-Battle that needs to end with a Theft.

[19659003] Celia Babini (Team Adam) vs. Oliv Blu (Team Blake)

of seemingly identifiable opponents, two once-promising quirky girls. But Celia, while one of the most fascinating participants in the present day, is completely thinking of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years." He is throaty and froggy, and the song is like a low key for him. It felt like it dragged in for a thousand years. However, Oliv's "Gravity" is wonderful. It's a bit of a departure from his usual jazzy-scatty style, but it's a risk paid. It is a class action. "Gravity" certainly does not work against Oliv, and he must win this round.

Dexter Roberts (Team Blake) Jannakos (Team of Adam)

Adam will sacrifice his nation a participant in the traditional country Dexter, who is sure to be a favorite of the spectators. (Dexter has a track record on TV, gone up to seventh place in American Idol Season 13.) Dexter played it safely, and played on base Blake, with Brooks & Dunn's "Believe"; it is unremarkemable, but polished and professional. I really want to go to this Andrew; his cover of Russell Dickerson felt a little fresher, his voice was a little more rich. Even Blake admits that this match is a "tough one." But given the history of Blake's Voice especially with the singers in the country, there is little hope for Andrew to worry about. His only hope was to get a steal. Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend) vs. Rod Stokes (Team of Adam) [19659003] And there is no hope for Rod, either. His belty and passionate "How I Must Live Without You" is strong, and against other opponents he is likely to have a good shot. But Maelyn's "Mad World" was master-class performance of the night at . It's very good and unique, in fact, made it for all the shortcomings of this shaky episode. It is a crazy world if Maelyn has not made not only the top 24, but the top 10.

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