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A false liar has developed the biggest news in Europe because his anti-Trump, anti-American stories are very good to review

D Er Speigel fires a star journalist Claas Relotius, who claims he has done almost everything he wrote in his seven years in influential news magazine.

But the real scandal here is not that the four times winner of the German Reporter Prize is a serial fabulist. This is his lies in so many cases it is clear that the only bias confirmation can explain how they went unnoticed by the latest top-notch fact-checking team to one of Europe's largest and most prestigious publicity.

Relotius was easier to say, that the body of work was mostly focused on life in the United States, developed in Der Spiegel not because he was a master weasel, but because editorial staff wanted to believe in the dark and unreasonable portraits he painted of America. There are so many obvious. The only person who does not seem to realize that the editors of Der Spiegel.

In a newspaper published on December 20, the magazine apologizes to its readers and anyone else affected by the litany of Relotius's lies.

"He used pictures, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and borrowed material from old newspapers and hidden blogs. He combined all the pieces and splinters and crumbs to create his characters … they are not human flesh and blood, "the article reads, lists a number of lies published by the magazine from the first study of the reporter's fraud. "They live on paper and their creator is Claas Relotius. Sometimes he made them sing, sometimes he blew them and sometimes he prayed for them."

It added, "And if he is felt, as in & # 39; Jaeger's Border, & # 39; he had his main character shoot at night in an attack rifle. works of fabrication. "

The apology article came after Relotius himself confessed to weaving total lies in at least 1

4 stories, along with his award-winning profiles in the darker parts of American life. The destructive journalist, whose unparalleled "conquest" of American politics and culture has promoted him a list of laundry of prestigious journalism authorities, with the CNN's 2014 "Journalist of the Year" award, assured his editors that he does not lie in everything wrote for the magazine. Sure, but … I'm a fool sometimes, and all that.

Numerous "How did this happen?" By appealing to the Der Spiegel's apology article. It goes to explain the blind institutions that allow Relotius to stay away from it for a long time. However, this article does not contain any kind of self-reflection of how the political and cultural biases of the magazine are possible to make the works of Relotius. At no point is the experience of the magazine is a moment of self-awareness which realizes it has fallen for the trap of "too good to check". For example, consider this post a blog written by two residents of the Trump-supporting Minnesota town written by Relotius for the August 2017 report entitled "Where they are praying for Trump on Sundays." Minnesotans, Michele Anderson and Jake Krohn, list 11 major inventions in this article. Some of them are small, but most of them are basic. The worse for Der Spiegel is that most lies can be detected easily with a quick phone call or even a simple Google search. But the editors of Relotius are not concerned with any of the traditional ways of investigating the truth. For them, the story of an external racist, backwoods, dead-end town with stock Trump-supporting yokels is great to check.

When a story seems too good to be true, that's because it's probably. Der Spiegel pays the price for editors of the lack of healthy doubt. It will continue to pay the price for a long time to come.

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