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Ariana Grande Is Only Rage-Tweeter 2019's – Different

You know what will happen at the end of every television in Grammys: Cue is the insult. Except, what will do we do in our snark reserves? Because of this year, the number of those who are clearly embarrassing or recovering this year's major winner is zero. Regarding the best of us most may work the veteran Grammy watchers are more than an eligible nominee who is missing out on a worthy nominee. Where's the fun tweeting that?

If you are hoping for something in the way Bruno defeats Kendrick with a broom, or at Adele's sinking on the floor with Beyonce (who is still embarrassed to him), what This failure should be Grammys . However, there are some picks that come unexpectedly or unpleasant for at least some, if not all, of us. is of America, as Childish Gambino says, so we can try to see any divisiveness we can, should we?

Snub: Mac Miller

Ariana Grande expects the late rapper's album, however beloved, to defeat the world-renowned hip-hop hip hop of Cardi B. But when you retreat to Grande, which is equivalent to alienating 50 million commoners. And Grande transferred the disturbance to his own MIA status from the Grammys, which was either a righteous cause or injured self-injury, which was damaged by the shutout of his ex. "Trash," he tweeted and then immediately removed Cardi's win for the rap album. Told about it through social media fans, he taught that he did not mean to apply the term to Cardi specifically. "He will not do anything," Grande said. "It's good for him, I promise, I'm sorry." In fact, voters face a tough call here, and are not a good look at posthumously reward Chris Cornell while not giving the same consideration to Miller. On the other hand, she's rewarding Cardi could be seen as sexism in denial of a woman who drops the ground in her place in history. Sometimes a voting member can not win.

Surprise: Kacey Musgraves

It will be a perfect time to be proud of right now I called it over to Goldderby.com … consider it being taught. But because of my minority, let's take a look at it as a surprise. There are eight nominees for the Album of the Year with the first expansion of the top categories, and there is one case to do for seven of them. (He is the only one who can honestly say that he is only happy to suggest and leave it to it.) Who will have a huge amount of money against Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Cardi B or even late-rising dark horse Brandi Carlile? Also, consider the number of times in history that an album that a person considers to a record of the country wins the Album of the Year. It was twice Taylor Swift's "No Fear" followed by the real post-country of Dixie Chicks "Getting the Long Way." The precedent, if not the 8-ball, said no. So we hear it for Kacey in the sky, which prevented the home run even though the fortune tellers feel a little nervous prediction.

Snub: Bjork

The social media hatred over Bjork missing out on the atlernative album may fall to the low end of the scale. But his being overlooked still deserves a note, as he dropped in true Susan Lucci territory by not being overcome to win for 15 th nominations in a row. Beck has made a very powerful album, but you have to wonder how many voters are investigating Beck, beause Beck. It may have been a long time for him, in some ways or another, but in the years of the woman, it might be nice to see this category that is less visible, more feminist spin. Actually, this one is never Bjork – "Utopia," though as amazing as before, is not his beloved effort – but St. John's. Vincent has given us the worthy success we deserve. (St. Vincent won for the rock song, and he also won a "take a room, you two" honors for his riveting duet with the show with Two Lipa, so we will not pour a lot of tears about his inspiring

Snub: Taylor Swift and Pink

These two make two best albums of any kind during eligibility, but their meaningless nominations are showed a predictble but still a ridiculous lack of win. The Year of the Year has brought a great deal of partial left-of-center nominees, but it's sad that it can not be extended to women who have become commercially popular and popular. Yes, it extends to Grande nominations, though by winning one of two categories, Ariana can not claim the excess of her superstar companions.

Snub: "All the Stars"

Even though it's almost a year that refers to Kendrick and SZA ballad / jam will be lost in the record and song of the year categories – and in Childish Gambino, so no one going to anti-hip-hop charges bias there – it should have had a shot for the best songs written for visual media. But in that category it runs on a small juggernaut called "Superficial," the same obstacle that it faces at the Oscars. Perhaps Lamar made the right call to keep this house this year, proud-wise, though we could not help but want him to swallow it and perform the show anyway. Clearly, when the Academy Awards arrived, he and SZA could save that moment for the biggest night of films.

Surprise: Drake in Grammys

Not because Richard Nixon went to "Laugh-In" to say "Catch your bippy?" There's a TV cameo that's out of nowhere. He went from being a boycotter of the year to becoming a non-no-show while he rose from some magical underworld to accept the rap song of the year. Even a cutoff of his speech, which Grammys claimed was inadvertant because they legit thought he was getting a pause, could not dampen the high spirit of the moment, even conspiracy theorists who thought he got zapped because with his gentle "awards don 'no matter" the shade is all the grist they need. Understand why a person like Drake is reluctant to show and play well when large numbers of nominations, here or any other awards show, result in some wins. But you know what? The play is beautiful in a good look at her.

Snub: The Grammy telecast itself

Grande made her reasons for snubbing the show known; Childish Gambino can only be guessed. Their reasons can be perfect straight-up, if we can only see behind the scenes. But in the case of Grande, his live-tweeting of his anxiety about not recognizing the terms in Ken Ehrlich threatened to forget what should be a celebratory release-week moment for him … and, of course, the award for his previous album set to come his way. There are so many Grammys integration this year, historical victories for rappers and for hip-hop women especially, over all Latin music celebrations and strong presence for gay performers, who makes a point for any performer who is missing out on the risk of losing a bigger point. Drake did not get the telegram about what party this year was on time.

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