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Ask Amy: Facebook & # 39; friend & # 39; will not stop criticizing

Dear Amy: I was in my 60s and known "Sue" for over 40 years.

Over the years, Sue has made many negative comments about some of my Facebook posts. For example, once I posted that I was sick. He called me to ask why I wanted to put that stuff into FB. Another involved in a joke that he does not think is funny.

Eventually I changed privacy settings so she could not see my posts.

We are also in the Facebook alumni group of the school. Over the past few months, he has shot a couple of my comments to others in that group.

None of these comments have anything to do with him. In one, I felt a friend's alumni talking about his shyness by noticing that my son was ashamed. I did not give any other details. Sue re-admitted "gossiping" about my son.

Sue refuses to stop me, and I tell her how angry I am about her indifference and criticism.

I did not say Sue ̵

1; or anyone else

I realize Facebook is not private, but are there rules about critiquing on others' posts?

– A Few

Dear One: Rules governing Facebook are the same rules governing all people's exchanges: Understand what to say you can and will be used against you in public private court) opinions.

Picture your FB alumni group as if you were all standing together in a cocktail party. Do you enjoy a friend about his shame and mention your child's similar challenge to the group? You probably.

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In that context," Sue "will shepherd you in front of others (or everyone) about your unsatisfactory choice to share? Maybe he is not.

Social media can facilitate adorable and merciful kindness – people who are encouraged to be brave in their sharing and support in their responses. Social media has inspired people to be disgusting, disgusting and generous.

A wise person is careful and aware of social media while they are in real life

And with "Sue." He called you, he

Dear Amy: Cellphones give us the ability to make phone calls from any room at home.

Although we have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a cavern and a living-dining room, my wife, without asking me if I have a mind, makes personal phone calls in front of me. When he does, I can not watch TV, make my own phone calls, anything.

I'm definitely not interested in hearing a part of his phone calls (or both sides, for that matter). I asked her to call me away. It's easier to make the phone in another room than to get a TV in another room.

Am I wrong to dislike it so much? Is there something I can say to encourage her to make her calls to another room? Please inform.

– Do not Want to Hear It

Loved Not Like: A call while in the presence of others is something. (When doing so, it's rude to say, "Oh, this is Kevin's from work; are you wondering if I'll get it?") Then you'll take your phone to a quiet place where you can focus take note of the call, and do not bother anything else.

There is no justice to call in front of other people, certainly in a large house where there are many places to go. That. Only. Bastos.

It is also difficult to concentrate on a telephone conversation where there are other noisy behaviors. So why does your spouse do it in front of TV?

If your wife decides to call while you are on television, ask her, "Hey, honey, can you do that in another room?" If she refuses, you are justified by changing the sound of the television so that keep on hearing it.

Dear Amy: You gave "Befuddled" an idea of ​​how to divide family assets after her death.

I have learned it and decided that things are the same: things. I will not tolerate other people's greed, etc., to destroy any relationship.

You do not see a U-Haul following a hearse.

– Ann

Dear Ann: Wise

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