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Biden's purge is working on Latinos after the mention of & # 39; line

  Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been viewed with suspicion by immigration reform advocates for his lack of access to Latino communities in the past. | Charlie Neibergall) / AP Photo

2020 election

& # 39; It is not acceptable for a candidate who believes to be a Democratic nominee for POTUS to use such language, & # 39; says an activist.

Joe Biden's presidential campaign is quietly playing a role in clearing immigration activists and leaders Latino – weeks after angering them by using what they consider to be linguistic language to illustrate his views on immigration policy

Biden said in the July 31 Democratic debate that undocumented immigrants should " successive "and that the country is right in the" cherry-pick "of highly skilled immigrants, especially those with advanced degrees.

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That language, more commonly used by conservatives, has drawn widespread criticism from immigrant rights activists, some of whom say the former vice president was echoing " Republican talking points "about how immigrants are welcomed in the United States. .

The campaign quickly started in control mode. Aides escaped distressed activists, and Biden had a closed-door meeting with Latino leaders in San Diego ahead of his speech at the U.S. conference last week.

"It is not acceptable for a candidate to win the Democratic nomination for POTUS to use the same language used by VP Biden when discussing immigration in the second debate," said Mayra Macías, executive director of the Latino Victory. "We immediately came to the campaign and were told it was being addressed."

Activists viewed the language as "consecutive" as a dodge driven by hard-liners of immigration. there really isn't a practical "line" for many dependent Latin American migrants to stand on without their employer or family member sponsoring their immigration. And Biden's line about advanced degrees, they say , reducing family reunification and also racial prejudice.

When Biden mentioned the words "chronologically," says Macías, "my phone began to blunt ”along with messages and calls from other activists about his rhetoric.

At the receiving end of most campaign calls and messages – more than 100 – was Biden's senior adviser, Cristóbal Alex, a well-respected operative in the immigrant rights community his previous work on the Latino Victory.

Alex quickly began to clarify Biden's statements. Immediately, he gave Biden a brief discussion on the nuances of the policy and pushed for a roundtable with Latino leaders in San Diego.

Although he acknowledged some people were angry or confused by Biden's comments, Alex lamented the extent of the controversy, pointing out that Biden had long been respected by Latino leaders and that he admired the member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

"I do not mean to say we put out fires or deal with crashes. We have many comments and suggestions from the community," Alex said.

"It is difficult to convey his true understanding on this issue and it is difficult to convey how much he loved the immigrants in the community in a 15-second retort with someone attacking him," he added.

Biden's campaign said he supported comprehensive changes to the immigration system that would increase immigration levels, provide a path to citizenship for uninsured immigrants who have not committed crimes and are working, and legalize the status of immigrants brought to the country incorrectly as children, known as Dreamers ..

Biden was viewed with suspicion during the times of immigration activists. They point to what they call a lack of outreach to Latino communities in the past and his time as vice president under Barack Obama, who has been labeled by liberal-leaning activists as "deputy leader" because of enforcement policies. of the boundaries of his administration. 19659008] Activists interrupted Biden's statements during last month's debate in Detroit. And in early July, six demonstrators were arrested in a sitting at Biden's Philadelphia headquarters.

The tension between Biden's campaign and the activist community had its roots in his overall campaign strategy. He ran as a cent in a primary where most of the other top-tier candidates tended to the left. And many liberal activists don't bother about an old, white-topped ticket.

"We're just going as far as we don't need," a top Latino supporter said of Biden. "We are looking at November 2020, but we know we have to deal with the main. So it's not a very strict one for sure."

The criticism of Biden's immigration policies, of course, comes as President Donald Trump broadens the external limits of US policy and the president's rhetoric on immigrants. Since taking office, Trump's policies have passed from separation. families on the US-Mexico border imposing travel restrictions from many Muslim-majority countries on the denial of green cards to immigrants who access welfare programs.

Biden's camp argued his approach was not only an antidote to Trump's extreme policy, but one that did not move too far left, and was therefore consistent with the majority of primary and general election voters. It also thinks Trump's far-right policies and racket rackets will push Latino people to the polls.

A top Biden surrender, former Labor secretary and current Los Angeles County supporter Hilda Solis, said his "get in line" sentence was a poor choice of words.

"I think he needs to redefine and pivot," Solis said. "I know the man is compassionate and, more importantly, he has a record."

He said Hispanic voters were caring for health care and benefiting greatly from Obamacare, which Biden promised to protect and improve.

The importance of the Hispanic vote will come to conduct Feb. 22, if Nevada, which is about 15 percent of Democratic voters are Hispanic, holding the third nomination contest in the country. After ten days, California and Texas voters will cast ballots on Super Tuesday, after which 70 percent of Latino votes will be counted. Hispanic voters will be important to the states of Florida and Nevada in November.

Jose Parra, who once counseled former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Latino issues, s he said he wondered how Biden could make the comment "consecutive" if he was actually involved in bipartisan immigration reform efforts in 2013. Parra also noted that Biden, during the debate, declined to discuss where he differs from Oba ma in deportation.

"Many simply do not understand why he is outside the spewing Republican talking point," Parra said.

Biden defends the whole debate. On immigration, he drew the most fire from the lone Latino onstage, Julián Castro, who called for decriminalizing crossings. Biden disagrees, saying immigrants "have to wait in line."

In the meantime, Biden said, "When people cross the border, it is forbidden to do so unless they are seeking asylum. People should be in line. That's the problem. And the only reason that this particular part of the law is being abused because of Donald Trump. We must defeat Donald Trump and put an end to this practice. "

People with doctors" should get a green card for seven years. " , "Biden also said." We must keep them here. "

Cory Booker praised him.

"It really irks me because I heard the vice president say that if you get a Ph.D., you can enter this country," the New Jersey senator said. "Well that plays into what the Republicans want. To throw some immigrants against other immigrants." Didn't turn around until after that crisis.

"We lost 800,000 jobs a month when we started," Biden said. "By the time we get things moving and focused on it, we are not going to send back any person who has in fact never made a fuss."

Speaking long before the Asian and Latino Coalition in Des Moines, Iowa, Biden said he would give the Dreamers legal status and promised to end Trump's tolerance policy that led to widespread family separation on the border.

"If you come here and you make a case – you have to come to the country and your case is being judged. So I will divulge the zone to the officials who can decide whether or not you qualify," he said. one person has to be locked up. "

" There is no reason whatsoever to separate families – zero rationale, "Biden added with applause." We did not do that. "

Asked earlier day at the Iowa State Fair if he thought he had adequately addressed the deportations under Obama, Biden told POLITICO. "Yes, I do."

For Angelica Salas, executive director for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Biden's attempt to explain his debate argument is welcome.In a San Diego meeting with the candidate, he spoke his mind and said he appreciated that he listened when he discussed the "fall" line n g immigration for Mexican and Central American migrants.

"The big problem is the belief that the system works for people of color. It's not," says Salas. "People are talking about how this is a & # 39; broken system & # 39; and that's not the case. It was designed to be like that and the idea of, 'Oh, get along like everyone else, & # 39; is just a lie. "

Astrid Silva, a Nevada immigration activist and Dreamer who organized a private meeting in May with Biden and undocumented immigrants, said there was a disconnect between Biden who had cooperated he and one he saw in the debate.

"The way the vice-president finds in meetings that we don't necessarily see coming on stage," Silva said. Can I say that I liked his answer above? No. I didn't appreciate it. But I had the opportunity to talk to her and watch her with these families and the way she talked to them. "

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