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Brexit Live Updates: Parliamentary Elections for Delay E.U. Removal

• In just 15 days before Britain stopped leaving the European Union, and with no consensus on how to do this, Parliament voted Thursday to postpone the rapidly approaching departure date.

• At the smallest margin, Prime Minister released Theresa Has the power of lawmakers who want to control the Brexit process from him. They also voted against holding a second referendum on this matter.

• Parliament is twice denied by Mrs. There is a proposed withdrawal agreement with additional margins. They are pushing him more on Wednesday by passing a measure against any attempt to leave without an agreement.

• May retains power but seriously compromises. Many conservatives support the movement against incessant, against its goals, and some members of his cabinet have been denied voting against it, leading to speculation that he has lost control of his party and process. He plans a third attempt to pass his preferred agreement next week.

Voter writers voted 412 to 202 on Thursday to seek a delay in withdrawing Britain from the European Union, a move which means that the country will almost certainly not leave the block on the March 29 schedule.

The decision comes at the conclusion of two years of inquiry into a plan for the development of Prime Minister Theresa has withdrawn May failed twice to push into Parliament, leaving the process in limbo within 15 days to go.

At that time Mr. He has to bring his country outside the European Union on March 29, with or without deals. But in the face of an uprising from his own legislators, Mrs. finally agreed. To offer Parliament a choice of delay.

In practical terms, the vote now means that Mrs. There is a request for postponement of attendance at a European meeting union leaders next week in Brussels. All 27 other members of the bloc need to agree to extend the release process.

Many experts say that the European Union is likely to provide an extension, although how long it will last is not much

Mrs. May said that if Parliament can agree on a deal the next few days, the delay is only a short one in two to three months. But if it fails to do so, it will force him to request a longer extension, perhaps until the end of 2020.

Builders make their strongest bid to take over control of the Brexit process from Prime Minister Theresa May, but failed by a thin razor 314 to 312.

The proposal would have the Parliament a series of "indicative votes" in what he wanted to see in a deal with Brexit. Even though the votes do not bind to the government or Mr. May, being caught between the factions, politics, they are even more restrained.

But with the smallest margins, May earned a remarkable success in this era of inception for his government, which maintained control of his control over the government's position in European Union negotiations .

For Mrs. May, the problem is that even most lawmakers support Brexit as a broad concept, they do not agree with the details. He has twice brought the treaty he reached in the ruling negotiations with the European Union, and twice the lawmakers rejected it by wide margin.

If control of the Parliament is controlled, it may be shaped by the more likely Brexit, the Continent than he has called on his plan. It was angry with pro-Brexit hard-liners at his Conservative Party, not just legislators but also rankings and files.

The British Parliament on Thursday denied a measure calling for a second referendum on Brexit, which was outbreak – today's hope of some activists the Britons can reverse themselves and vote to stay in the European Union.

The amendment seems to be designated from the beginning, because the notion of a second referendum has never ordered much in Parliament. It became a cry earlier in the day, when the greatest campaigners for a public vote urged Parliament members to vote against the measure, saying that the focus of Thursday should only be on Brexit's delay.

The Labor Party, a second referendum, has rapidly announced its opposition, even as individual legislators have taken a careful line in an effort to maintain their second referendum support in other states.

"Now it's not about the Labor Party saying it will not support such amendments," Keir Starmer, Labor Labor's Brexit secretary, said on Thursday afternoon. "It's about saying about the extension now."

The measure failed in a vote of 334 to 85, with more than 200 legislators not voting.

Selecting amendments to vote is the work of speakers, John Bercow, who violates the Brexit hard-liners by refusing to schedule a vote on a proposed measure to exclude the possibility of a second referendum .

The fall of discipline with Prime Minister Theresa May's government has been so painful that some of his legislators have said that the best thing he can do is declare his or her departure day from Downing Street.

But far from planning his resignation, Mrs. Young was not ready. The Brexit plan, what the Parliament did on Thursday.

He lost it twice before – and bad – but it is not impossible that he was lucky a third time.

If a key amendment goes through Thursday, lawmakers hold fast fire indicating "vote on alternative Brexit plans on Wednesday. But the gentleman may have Monday or Tuesday to pre-empt those and bring his beloved plan back to Parliament.

Brexit supporters now know that Parliament is in opposition to the departure without any agreement, something they are welcome to see. It is to be remembered that if Parliament holds a vague vote on Wednesday, a consensus may appear for a plan that maintains a closer relationship with the European Union than they wish.

Mrs. Can be returned screw them up this week with a clear statement that, if there is no support for any deal before the European Union summit next week, he will squeeze let's apply for a long delay in Brexit.

That will increase the prospects of a second referendum, and can say that Brexit can not happen.

However, not all hard-liners see anything that's afraid of a long delay. Some believe that May's days are counted, and a more pro-Brexit substitute – perhaps Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary – can control the next.

Delaying Brexit will only be permitted by the European Union, and in recent days the opinion on its leaders seems to be hardened. Many saw a small room for further negotiations, indicating only a general election or a second Brexit referendum would justify allowing Britain to postpone its removal by more than a few months.

That seems to have changed on Thursday when Donald Tusk, the European Council president, said European leaders should be "open to a long extension" of membership in Britain.

Comments give Mrs May threats to pro-Brexit politicians: Unless they return to his deal in a third vote next week, a long-delay in Brexit, where opinions can switch towards a deal of maintaining a closer relationship with the block, or even another referendum.

Simon Coveney, Irish foreign minister, said that even a 21-month extension was a possibility, bringing the date of the departure of Britain until the end of 2020.

However, in a photo session of the Oval Office with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar of Ireland, his tone on the subject was much sunny.

m not comment on Brexit. I can tell you this is a very complicated thing that's gong right now, "he said, adding," it's tears of many countries apart. And this is a shame that this should be the way. I think we will stay right on our lane. "

A kerfuffle broke out on Thursday afternoon with rank advocates for a second Brexit referendum, whose Labor Party was again facing accusations of the pro-European selling cause.

The source of tension is an amendment, which was voted Thursday night, saying Brexit should be delayed to vote again nation.

But the biggest campaign for a second The referendum does not, it turns out, supports the amendment to hold the second referendum. And that gives Labor leaders, forever on the fence when it comes to Brexit, all the cover they need to do it .

The reason, finally, is focus on Thursday should be delayed by Brexit. Anti-Brexit campaigners want to vote for a second referendum in Pa ridge until it is among the final options standing.

But the groundwork is the fact that a second referendum does not today commands most of Parliament, and its advocates do not want it to go to a loss of vote.

However, some activists are seeking that pro-European politicians will have a page from the book of Mrs. There is about the amount of votes. Instead of holding up to the last minute, they say, politicians should vote for a second referendum over and over until it win.

Among the curve balls thrown at the House of Commons on Wednesday is the assertion that spokesman, John Bercow, has the right to stop the government to restore the withdrawal agreement, denied twice by major majority, for a third vote.

The legal basis for this measure lies deep within the Parliamentary policy book, the work of a 19th-century occupation called Erskine May. On page 397, the rule states that moves or amendments "both, in substance, as a question decided in a session can not be brought back during the same session."

In the confusion of the constitutional nerdiness that followed, it emerged that the most recent clerk of the House of Commons was who thawed cold water on this idea in October. "That rule is not designed to prevent the House's will," said the clerk, Sir David Natzler. In other words, Mr. Bercow – a consistent champion of rights backbenchers – is almost obscure to a third vote if lawmakers really want the opportunity to vote here. "literally building a rule, failing what the House wants," says Jack Simson Caird, a former House of Commons scholar who is a senior research fellow at the Bingham Center for the Rule of Law.

The question was the subject of many debates Thursday morning, with most commentators concluding that Mr Bercow – who opposed Brexit to the referendum, and was confirmed by his willingness to frustrate Mrs May agenda – could not have been likely this is the particular hand grenade to him.

Said, we were in strange constitutional times, in Parliament looking for a way to play a role as a countdown to Brexit reached its final stage. "Really nonsense," said Mr. Caird. "The system really does not cope with its demands."

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