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Brian Ortega vs. Korean Zombie full match video highlights

Watch Brian Ortega video highlights vs. Korean Zombie from the main event at UFC Fight Island 6 above, courtesy of the UFC.

UFC Fight Island 6: Ortega vs. Korean Zombie took place October 17 at the Flash Forum in Abu Dhabi. Brian Ortega (15-1, 1 no-contest) and Korean Zombie (16-6) fought in a pivotal featherweight contest, which aired live on ESPN + pay-per-view. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Ortega vs. Korean Zombie, check out MMA Fighting’s live blog from Mike Heck.

Round 1: Expected No. 1 opponent’s fight at 145 pounds has finally arrived and Lukasz Bosacki is the third person in the octagon. They met in the middle and the Zombie began to throw a hammer. Ortega went on a hard kick in the body because both of them moved with patience very quickly. Leg kick from Zombie, Ortega answers with a clean jab. The leg kick from Ortega checked and then the Zombie returned. The right hand went to the tail end of a Zombie combination, which also landed on another hard foot kick. Ortega moves stances and both men are looking for an opening to explode. The last 90 seconds of the opening stanza and the calf kick will go to Zombie. Ortega landed in a combination, Zombie advanced and Ortega landed on a hook staring at Zombie. Ortega landed another hard right hand and beat the Zombie with a blow. Left hook from the Zombie approaching in the last 1

0 seconds. They traded shots, Ortega just missed a right right hand on the horn.

MMAFighting marks the 10-9 round for Ortega.

Round 2: Ortega had a very impressive first leg round, but did he want to continue playing that game? They meet right in the middle of the cage and this is a patient start for both men. The foot kick comes from Ortega. Lead elbow attempts from Ortega, Zombie counter with a tough combination. Kick the leg from the Zombie as Ortega tries to move forward with a splash. Takedown attempt from Ortega was thwarted by Zombie. Overland left after a foot touch from Ortega, interesting, but effective approach. Halfway through the round and Ortega’s lower legs are both bruised near the shins. The Zombie with a tough combination, went to Ortega with a painful kick that echoed throughout the Flash Forum. Another low kick comes for Ortega, who then lands on a rotating elbow the fallen Zombie. Ortega was looking to finish, but Zombie returned to his feet. Ortega temporarily lowers the Zombie and almost mounts him for 10 seconds to leave. Ortega ended the round at the top while the horn sounded and it looked like it had been stolen. Wow!

MMAFighting marks the round 10-9 for Ortega (overall 20-18).

Round 3: As Jim Ross said, the business will take over in Abu Dhabi. Ortega takes over the middle of the cage and the Zombie looks pretty temporary. Ortega turns to the right and Zombie throws a kick into the body catching the middle of his opponent. Kicked sideways to the knees from Ortega, Zombie tried to answer with a foot kick, but his liver was met by Ortega’s foot. Ortega goes to the Zombie body in the middle of the round point. Left hook by Zombie, counter left right behind it. The Zombie with a pair of jabs and Ortega landed with a nice shot on the body, and a rag behind it. Final minute of rotation and Ortega expects a head kick. The right hand from the Zombie will counter a kick to the Ortega leg. The single leg attempt from Ortega leads to a left hook and a Zombie right hand. Another kick and left hand from Ortega to wrap things up and climb three rounds, more than likely.

MMAFighting marks the round 10-9 for Ortega (30-27 overall).

Round 4: Zombie needs to get something cooked and very fast. He started the round by stalking Ortega down, trying to get to the fence. Ortega does a good job with his footwork to get out of that problem and his rag starts to land again. Left hook and a body kick from Ortega. Another leg kick eaten by Zombie and Ortega looking for a takedown. Before he could take her down, he laid down a left elbow that reduced the Zombie before he reached the mat. Zombie stood up and the referee called for the doctor, who he clarified to proceed. A pair of feet kick from Ortega as the action continues. Both men are exchanging punches – Ortega is an advantage. Last 90 seconds and crack the Ortega Zombie with one right. The left jab arrives for the Zombie with more than 30 seconds to get into the round. Zombie is looking for a body kick, blocked by Ortega who changes levels and tries to remove a takedown. The rotating elbow from Ortega was missed as the horn sounded.

MMAFighting marks the 10-9 round for Ortega (40-36 overall).

Round 5: Zombie has five minutes to take Ortega away. They grabbed the glove and the Zombie moved forward. Ortega landed in a foot kick but and a hard explosion. Zombie is advancing with a right hand that hurts Ortega. Kick again from Ortega. Zombie throws right hand, Ortega answers with clean, effective combination. The head snap jab from Ortega and Zombie has no answers to any aspect of this fight. The body kick from the Zombie was blocked and the Ortega landed on a right hand. A trio of bodies kick from Ortega’s ground at half point of this last round. Ortega’s footwork got better in the last few minutes. The Zombie landed on a left hand but Ortega did not even run. The short elbow connects via Ortega. Last 60 seconds for the Zombie to land a Hail Mary. A bloody Zombie trying to close the distance and Ortega keeps peppering him with jabs and kicks. Tight to the right jab from the Ortega lands. Finally five seconds and another rag lands on Ortega while the horn sounds. Must be a clean broom for Ortega.

MMAFighting marks the round 10-9, and the match 50-45 for Ortega.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brian Ortega def. The Korean Zombie by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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