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When the Wheels Chain the Food Chain

The beetle larvae of the epomis look delicious on frogs. They are snack size, like a small pack of protein. If a frog is nearby, a larva will still wiggle the antennae and mandibles attractive. But when the frog moves, the beetle turns the tables. It jumped on the amphibian’s head and bit down. It then drinks the predator fluid …

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NASA’s cool illustrations of lightning and atmospheric “mushballs” / Boing Boing

Pilotting a ship through Jupiter’s atmosphere would be extremely difficult because of the enormous bolts of “shallow lightning” and the equally terrifying giant “mushballs” of water and ammonia falling like hail. To celebrate Juno’s 9th anniversary, NASA shared some cool illustrations and a reflection of what it feels like to fly in a Jovian typhoon. The findings of the mushball …

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The planet Dwarf Ceres is an ocean world: learning

Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and has its own gravity The dwarf planet Ceres – long believed to be a barren space in space – is an ocean world with seawater reservoirs beneath its terrain, the results of a major exploration mission showed on Monday. Ceres is the largest object in the …

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Sunlight can turn sea water into clean drinking water in minutes

Scientists have developed new technologies that can turn water into clean water in less than 30 minutes. Australian-based researchers have used a metal-organic framework (MOF), a type of lattice-like crystal, to visualize water. The hollow outline of the pores separates the saline solute into brackish water or even more salty sea water, in a process known as the molecular sieve. …

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An unseen image of the coronavirus copy machine

The two essential enzymes coordinate to read and copy the genetic material of SARS-CoV-2 (shown as blue spheres). Credit: Rockefeller University Exactly how viruses mimic a complex puzzle with many missing pieces. And in the age of pandemic, its resolution became a matter of extreme constraint. Determining the details of major copy operations to produce a virus in thousands more …

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