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Demand for democratic information affects thrift

The abduction of Democrats is interpreted once the nation's attention is focused on impeachment, as an influx of evidence runs in their favor and as a flurry of Republicans' struggles to settle in a diverse defense of the President.

Polls showing a moderate spike in the number of Americans in favor of impeaching and removing Trump are another argument for a swift process before the public wheel of the whole thing. The pace may help Democrats make a concise but direct argument that Trump is abusing his power by using his authority to set foreign policy to request political favors in a susceptible government in Ukraine.
  Democrats & # 39; new moves showing House may wrap up impeachment by Christmas
All explaining why when former national security manager John Bolton refused to testify before impeachment investigators Thursday, they refused issue a subpoena even though he is considered an insider witness with colorful stories to tell.
The ensuing legal battle will be disrupted in the early months of next year – stealing Democratic momentum – when, CNN reports, party officials are seeking to end the House's impeachment business this year.

Pelosi's team also has the importance of a fast-paced election, assuming, as if certain, they plan to convey to Trump the legacy of being the only third president.

Hearings before and after Thanksgiving will allow time for drafting impeachment articles and a full House vote before lawmakers return for the holidays. The political heat then shifted to the Republican-led Senator at the start of the new year.

A Senate hearing may wrap up at the end of January, when Democrats focus on the nation in their primary race to find a candidate to take on the President next November. That assumes, of course, that there has been no sudden fall in Trump's support of GOP senators, who are expected to vote to free him from unavoidable offenses and keep him in office.

New moment

  The House does not fire John Bolton after his lawyer threatens to go to court

But it's not about politics. 19659008] The inquiry has gained its own natural momentum. Hundreds of pages of testimony appear to promote the democratic case that Trump forced Ukraine to investigate his potential rival 2020, Joe Biden, and a conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the election of 2016.

A number of officials whose officials Deposits were released this week also believe the President has stopped military aid in Ukraine to obtain what he wants from his counterpart in Kiev.

In a new testimony released Thursday, for example, State Department official George Kent accused Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani – who ran a broad back-door diplomatic track in Ukraine – of promoting a "campaign of lies."

"I do not believe the US should ask other countries to engage in prosecutions and political persecution," Kent said. , according to the transcript of his removal.

Such evidence is why Democrats believe they have a strong case against the President.

"The dollar defending the dollar scheme is more focused, and we have never seen an arrow go in any other direction than it is a shakedown led by the President of the United States," Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California said Thursday.

Waiting longer for testimony from Bolton's wishes may promote their broader argument and bring about important new details – but it may also remove more political momentum than is worth it. .

based on three obvious columns. First, the rough transcript of a call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25, in which a US leader called for "favor" and mentioned Biden's name. Then there is a stream of texts between senior officials that seem to be discussing whether Trump is offering a quid pro quo for Ukraine.

That was backed up by testimony from a group of diplomatic and military officials and former officials appearing to confirm the case that Giuliani had acted for Trump in a scheme designed to promote the Trump's political prospects, not the national interest in Ukraine.

"I think this is a very strong case. One case is that I will be very confident as a prosecutor.", CNN legal analyst Elie Honig told CNN International.

An opportunity for Republicans to steal the initiative

  State Department official described Giuliani & # 39; That's right. campaign of lies & # 39; in Ukraine

The Democratic approach poses risks.

The move to next week's television hearings is intended to put before the Americans a concise and compelling case that Trump is abusing his power in Ukraine.

But it also gives the President of the Republican allies a chance to cause a stir in the hearings, to attack and seek to disparage witnesses, and to change the types of brouhahas that can provide viewing for the Americans that Congress is up to its normal partisan tricks.

However, the GOP has not yet developed a rock-solid defense of Trump that could keep up with the surge of evidence that has not been joined by impeachment investigators.

The GOP says Democrats are. running a secret process has lost some losses since the transcripts began to appear and may even be less effective in the midst of open hearings.

The President complains that he has been treated unfairly, for example in a tweet on Thursday.

"Just explained to me that in the next few weeks the Fake Hearing (trial) in the House, as they interview Never the Trumpers and others, I get NO LAWYER and NO LOSS PROCESS. It's a Pelosi, Schiff, Scam against the Republican Party and I. This Witch Hunt should not be allowed to continue! "Trump wrote.

Trump's complaint, however, ignores that the House's impeachment process is like the indicting stage of a criminal proceeding. He will have the opportunity to mount the full defense in a Senate hearing.

Republicans will also have the right to cross-examine witnesses in open hearings – just as they did in the closed process of removing doors. They will, however, be jeopardized by the lack of oversight. minority.

Due to the apparent strength of the impeachment case, the GOP conducted a parallel reality defense.

Trump called Zelensky's call "perfect" despite appearing to include clear evidence of pressure on Ukraine and at the very least an implied quid pro quo.

Taking a similar line, Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday, "The American people have a transcript of the President's call and they can see that there is no quid pro quo. The President did nothing." Pence also claims the somewhat futile claim that Trump is primarily interested in covering up "corruption" in Ukraine – a topic he has shown little interest in pursuing elsewhere.

Other Republicans have abducted and raised their defenses against the President. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina this week said she refused to read the transcriptions because the probe was a bunch of "BS."

Another Republican, Sen. John Kennedy, charged with personal abuse, blasted Pelosi as "dumb" at a rally in his home state of Louisiana on Wednesday night.

The fact that Republicans prefer not to address the substance of the case against Trump should be encouraging to Democrats.

A good counterargument is for the GOP to conclude that Trump's foreign policy in Ukraine is unwise and perhaps unethical but does not reach the level for impeachment.

Such a thought – which some Democrates have been working on during Bill Clinton's impeachment – is unlikely to sit well with Trump. demanding full honesty and rarely admitting to any wrongdoing.

Creating pressure for such Republican divisions is another factor for Democrats seeking to pass the ballot in the Senate by the end of 2019. A test in another chamber, given political reality, is likely. resulting in Trump being the first president to be ousted from the Senate office. But it could lead to some uncomfortable months for the Republican Party.

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