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Diabetes type 2: Cut down this popular drink to help manage the condition

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in the UK, and a condition where there is too much blood sugar.

People with conditions can take medication to control it, but it is also important to ensure a healthy lifestyle and follow a balanced diet.

It is important to keep diabetes controlled, as if not treated can lead to health complications involving the heart, nerves, feet, eyes and kidneys.

Contrary to what many people are thinking, having diabetes does not mean that you can not consume any sugar at all, but it is important to reduce it.

According to diabetes.co.uk, a popular drink where people with the condition may Want to avoid fruit juice.

While fruit is an integral part of a balanced diet, and the juice of the fruit can contribute to your five-day, sugar is also high.

"Fruit juice contains a large amount of sugar that increases blood sugar levels very fast," says diabetes.co.

"Therefore, people with diabetes are usually the best to avoid eating fruit juice."

Adults in the UK are advised to consume no more than 30g of sugar a day, and half a pint of fruit juice contains more

When the fruit is mingled with juice, most fiber found in the fruit is also gone, taking an important element of a balanced diet.

Additionally, fruit juice contains more calories than whole fruit, which can also increase the risk of developing diabetes-related complications.

A 250ml glass of unsweetened orange juice usually contains about 1

00 calories, compared to 60 calories in an actual orange.

According to diabetes.co.uk, current research also indicates regular consumption of fruit juice can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the first place.

This is because of fructose – the sugar found in fruit juice

If the liver is overwhelmed by fructose, it can lead to type 2 diabetes as well as non-alcoholic liver-like illness.

In the glycemic index, orange The juice drops between 66 and 76 in a size of 100, making it a high-GI drink.

The glycemic index is used to show the effect of certain foods on blood sugar levels

"GI foods and beverages are best avoided by people with diabetes under the majority of events, "says diabetes.co.uk.

Fruit juice is a great source of nutrients and vitamins, but health professionals advise them to get them from whole fruit or vegetables.

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