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Favorite Amene Eve ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ Scene Is Not In The Final Cut, But It Will Slightly Change The End

Going to The Fear of Bly Manor, which premiered on Netflix on October 9, viewers did not know much about the show. Aside from the fact that it is loosely based on the novel Henry James, The Turn of the Screw, and that this is a Gothic Romance, fans do not know what to expect. There are many scary surprises in the store, including some lovely ones as well. And for actress Amelia Eve, who played Jamie the gardener, one of the favorite scenes never even reached the final cut. [AlertongSpoiler:Spoileral[AlertongSpoiler:Spoilernangmaagaparasa[Spoileralert:SpoilersaheadforThe Fear of Bly Manor]

‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ surprised fans with a strong bond between Dani and Jamie

Dani (Victoria Pedretti) and Jamie (Amelia Eve) in 'THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR.'
Dani (Victoria Pedretti) and Jamie (Amelia Eve) in ‘THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR’ | EIKE SCHROTER / NETFLIX

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Again, The Fear of Bly Manor really played the emotion of the fans from getgo because so many do not know. And that may have had fans banking on something very similar The Haunting of Hill House. But instead, viewers get an enjoyable love story within a rich world set in Bly Manor.

Mike Flanagan says ghost stories and love stories are similar, and Bly Manor really played into both of those things. And in the end, they are both; maybe they always are. And not just one kind of love is shown The Fear of Bly Manor. Outside of family love, there is also love. And in it, there are some couples.

There are Rebecca and Peter, who are the two most toxic people on the show, at least when they are together. Then there is the subtle love between Hana and Owen; unfortunately, they do not get time to act on their feelings before killing Hana.

Then there’s Dani and Jamie, who have the most loving relationship on the show. They slowly start to get together, getting closer to each other even though Dani has a lot to fix when it comes to Bly. It is healthy, it is full, and it hurts the heart. And fans can have another scene together, according to Eve.

1 of Amelia Eve’s favorite scenes has been cut, but she hopes to release it one day

In an interview with Elle on October 16, Amelia Eve talked about what her favorite scenes were. Eve said the scene where Jamie swam into the lake at Bly Manor was exhausting but also emotional and stood him up. This is especially true because of the physicality, which makes Jamie’s grief more tangible on-screen.

But the other scene he brought was not even in the final reduction of The Fear of Bly Manor. And it would have changed the course of the latter, even if only a little. It should appear after Dani woke up 13 years after he invited her to Lady of the Lake. He almost choked Jamie to sleep and restrained himself. But he knew he could no longer put Jamie in danger and he left for Bly.

“We shot a scene where Jamie woke up, and he saw Dani leave, and he let her go,” Eve said. “We shot that scene and we poured our hearts into it, we both cried, and Victoria and I held on to the scene, but even once they shouted ‘Haircut,’ we still held on. I think there was only of such a good feeling of catharsis for the two of us. That really stayed with me. “

If Dani and Jamie’s fans were to break up eventually, having that little scene would be another stab in the gut. But fans of the show definitely want to see, if only for the sad romantic aspect of it all. The end will remain the same, but having that little blip will be one thing. Eve also hopes it will come out later.

Dani and Jamie’s relationship is natural and emotional for Eve

Dani and Jamie after their 'proposal' in 'The Haunting of Bly Manor finale.
Dani and Jamie after their ‘proposal’ in ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor finale | EIKE SCHROTER / NETFLIX

Their relationship is really not like many things on television today. They have a healthy coupling, one that is far from toxic and grows every day. In addition, they are homosexuals and are celebrated and not questioned after they get together. When Elle asked Eve if she was aware of how big the deal was to have a “magical” relationship to be central, most important on the show, Eve said it didn’t cross her mind first.

“Do you know what is weird? When Mike told me that Dani and Jamie were going to be a couple, it sounded really silly, but I also did not think of them as a lesbian couple, ”Eve said. “It seems like it was just a relationship. These two people have completed each other. That’s how we act, that’s how it feels naturally and what feels right – it’s just a relationship between two people in love. “

He was also amazed at the response of the staff and their relationship, which “really worked [her] open [her] quite a bit more eyes. “

“What we did naturally, without really thinking, meant much more than I thought at the time,” Eve said. Eventually, he also remembered what his brother had said “If I can only help one person feel something, I feel like I’ve done my job.”

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