Back in May, Google showed an innovative navigation system that uses the phone's camera to provide the GPS reality value guidance. Although the demo is very promising, the feature is not expected to be available immediately, even for testing. However, today's company allows people to choose, most Local Guides have access to a preview version of Maps, use the feature, and David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal is among the lucky ones to give it a first test.

walked everything for what seemed miles to the wrong direction before the phone's compass realized we went berzerk and led us the wrong way. These days are over, while Google's AR-based guidance is gradually getting rid of our lives. Even though the WSJ-tested version is not final, it helps us to get a better idea of ​​what's coming.

The future version of the Maps application will allow you to access a special AR mode via a dedicated button or by lifting your phone. At the beginning you will be prompted to move your handset around to identify the surrounding landmarks to compare them with GPS location and compass data. Then the app will display your camera input on your screen and an overlay arrow pointing to your destination. A traditional map will still be displayed beneath your screen so you can have a bird's perspective of where you are headed. Google does not expect you to use this feature throughout the entire guide but instead you want to navigate to more complex intersections more easily. You must continue walking with your camera pointing to the street, the app will then ask you to place the device to save the battery just because you should use it less.

Although this feature seems to be exclusively in pedestrian directions So far, I love to use it while driving. Basically I grew up so often with the new AR-based Mercedes-Benz MBUX (which you can see below) that I can not imagine coming back to a traditional navigation system. I believe Google will work with additional safety features before it lets you use this one on your mobile, because you probably do not want to hold your phone while you're driving!

We look forward to seeing this release in the masses, and we'll let you know as soon as you can take it for a spin.