MONTGOMERY, ALA – Burlington's publisher and editor Goodloe Sutton, who received this week's widespread rape for racist and violent rhetoric, announced on Friday that he passed control of his newspaper.

Elecia Dexter, was named publisher and editor at Linden's Democrat-Reporter on Thursday, according to a statement distributed by the newspaper.

Reached by telephone on Friday afternoon, Sutton said Dexter was the Democrat-Reporter's new "publisher, owner, and editor". He refused to say whether the paper was sold to Dexter or if ownership was transferred, and was repeatedly called a Montgomery Advertiser reporter who was "pressed" for questioning.

The Alabama State Secretary's website has no record of any Friday's transaction. Sometimes it will take a few days for site record updates.

Dexter, 46, said the Associated Press said that Sutton would remain the newspaper's ownership, with circulation of approximately 3,000, "but I will do everything else."

Goodloe Sutton, publisher of the Democracy-Reporter newspaper, in the Linden newspaper office, on Thursday February 21, (Photo11: Mickey Welsh / Advertiser)

Sutton this week called for extrajudicial killings of "socialist communist" after his history of racist and anti-Semitic editorials that went to light. In an interview on Thursday at the Montgomery Advertiser, he refused to apologize for his previous letters and did not recognize his call for violence that constituted lynchings.

Sutton, also a newspaper publisher in Marengo County, published an editorial last week calling for "Ku Klux Klan on a night rides" to clean Washington, DC, from "Democrats to Republican and Democratic Party (who) plans to raise taxes in Alabama. "

When asked to explain what he meant by" DC cleaning, "suggested the 80-year-old Sutton lynching, which says "we get the hemp rope, loop them on a lean foot and hang all of them."

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