When it comes to risks and stakes, the stock market is almost everything ang place to be at the moment with explosive growth separate from the macroeconomy and wild swings up and down for the day that traders ride. If you want to keep track of business news, Google Finance hopes to be your home with new looks and new features for people to dip their fingers into trading.

Finance, which has a dedicated app until 2015, is getting a new look on the mobile and desktop web with more aspects of Material Design such as cards for stocks and more visual data right from the top .

In addition to standard classification lists such as active moveers and major winners and losers, users can create their own watch list – this will lead to a wider return later this year with the tracking feature portfolio dropped Finance in 2017, which features individual price changes and news items for the included stocks.

Users can also add events such as calls to company revenues or product launches right into their Google Calendar. Google also includes scroll-over / tappable definitions of common terms such as “market cap” for first-time investors.

Not everyone will see the new Google Finance all at once, so as an added value for this story, here’s a hot tip: you can click and drag between or tap and hold two score a price chart to look at the differential only for specific periods.