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6;America’s Got Talent’ star is doing well after the operation.


Kodi Lee is back.

The reigning champion and fan favorite returned to “America’s Got Talent” on Wednesday with live results of the show to perform Finneas’ “Break My Heart Again.”

Lee, an inspirational blind singer with autism, received a standing ovation from Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara and guest Kelly Clarkson. (He arranged for Simon Cowell, who had broken parts of his rear in an electric bike accident.)

And now Lee is ready to pass the torch to the next “AGT” champion.

Five kilos moved one step closer to claiming the grand prize by advancing to the semifinals Wednesday by American votes.

Here is what happened because the fate of the contests was no longer in the hands of the judges. It is in America.

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Fans of fans

The three works received the most votes automatically advanced.

Archie Williams, a singer who spent 37 years in prison after being wrongly convicted, was the first move to move forward. An unnamed Williams said he felt “wonderful.”

“Keep telling stories. That’s your thing,” Clarkson said when asked what Williams could do to win. “That’s your whole goal. You have a tremendous testimony. I’m sorry you even have that.”

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Shaquira McGrath joins him in the safe zone as soon as possible. “It feels so good to know that America has faith in my talent,” the singer said.

Singer Roberta Battaglia, Vergara’s Golden Buzzer, is also advanced. “I can’t believe it. I was so nervous and now I realize I did the right thing,” Vergara exclaimed as the 10-year-old exploded.

The face-off

Brett Loudermilk (sword swallower), Feng E (ukulelist) and Double Dragon (singing duo) finished in the middle of the pack and were on the verge of removal.

The three acts head to head in a live voting round for “Dunkin ‘Save,” where fans have the opportunity to rescue only one manufacturer. Whoever receives the most votes in a 30-minute flash round will continue.

“Their dreams are in your hands,” host Terry Crews said.

Eventually, viewers saved Loudermilk. “I want to say a lot of things I can’t say to the camera right now,” he recalls.

But the results are not over yet. The judges had the opportunity to save either Feng E or Double Dragon.

“It’s very difficult because I really love the same gesture,” Klum said before voting for Double Dragon. Vergara, who has a “soft spot for Latino kids,” also chose Double Dragon.

Clarkson opted for Feng E, but Mandel joined his gut and opted for Double Dragon.


The five act with a little vote – Bello & Annaliese Nock (daredevil duo); Michael Yo (comedian); Frenchie Babyy (contortionist); Pork Chop Revue (pig act); and Simon & Maria (salsa duo) – were removed.

Feng E was also sent packing.

Next Sunday

“America’s Got Talent” returns August 17 for the second quarterfinal round (NBC, 8 EDT / PDT), where 11 other actions will try to blow America away to advance to the semifinals.

Next week’s performers will include the Spyros Brothers (various acts); Kelvin Dukes (singer); Alexis Brownley (dog act); BAD Salsa (salsa duo); Daneliya Tuleshova (singer); Bonavega (singer); Cameron Ross (singer); The Shape (dance group); Vincent Marcus (impressionist); Jonathan Goodwin (daredevil); and Voices of Our City Choir, Crew’s Golden Buzzer win.

It is unclear if Cowell will return next week. However, Mandel bets that his colleague will return sooner than you think.

“The latest I heard was after a six-hour operation, and some fused discs, and the shaft placed behind him, yesterday, he was on foot, that, he was mobile!” Mandel told E Online Wednesday. “So, as I said to a few other people, I do not expect to see Simon again before the end of this season.”

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