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How Much Does Professional Language Translation Service Cost?

For those that work with international buyers, sellers, clients, or colleagues, the time may come when a competent multilingual translator is needed. Beyond merely translating a conversation among two parties, business translation services are becoming a necessary part of doing business, including translation of documents, paperwork, sales agreements, and financials.

Whether services are for a phone call or to translate a document, it can help to have an estimation of costs beforehand. There is a lot more to translation than merely being part of a conversation or deciphering text; quality translation services involve reviewing documents, reformatting content, editing and conveying the message in a language preferred by the client. Translation service provision keeps people connected across the globe and breaks down communication barriers that hinder progress and productivity. As such, quality translation is worth any price, so, what is it going to cost out of pocket?

How Much Do Professional Translation Services Cost?

It is common practice in the language translation world to pay and charge by the word; that is, translators typically offer translation cost estimates of anywhere from .1

0 up to .30 per word. This per word rate includes the various facets of translation, including time and equipment, but if the job requires face-to-face interaction, this rate may not cover travel costs; clarify with the translator before scheduling service provision. Cheaper translators may offer online services, whereas the consumer electronically sends documents, text, or other medium to be translated. This is usually the less costly approach for documents that are not technical in-nature. For higher-quality provision, such as special software translation services, expect to pay at the higher end of the cost spectrum to get the optimal results warranted for such work.

If the job entails Document Translation Services, the common pricing guidelines are again based on the number of words to be translated. The cost may increase based on the language targeted and technical complexity of the document, however. Turnaround time for completed translation may also impact the per word price and overall cost of having documents translated to another language. With these variables in mind, it makes sense to review online feedback and request further information from various translators to ensure a good fit and satisfaction later.

As many translators make a second-opinion part of their usual service protocol, make sure that both parties are clear on time frame and that a delivery date is scheduled and agreed-upon. Generally speaking, it is not uncommon to pay upwards of $125 for a single page document translated. Additional proofreading or editing services may increase that fee and rush-jobs requiring a faster turnaround may increase translation rates by 25%-50%, in some instances. Discuss if this is even an option as many translators may not be able to fulfill these demands as quickly as needed.

How Long Does it Take to Translate a 1000 Word Document?

So, how long is it going to take? As mentioned, it can take time particularly for complex and technical documents that require verification, editing, and review. The time frame depends on a lot of factors, including the time spent overall by the translator and the translation time frame, or when the client needs the translation by. If only one translator is needed for the entire task and full text of a document, this will be less expensive than if a second translator is needed to verify and edit the first. Keep in-mind that this second set of eyes will require additional time, so be patient.

It makes sense to approximate daily translation output at around 2,500 words, or 300 translated words per hour. Time isn’t usually the most important factor as most translators base their rates off of the per word cost guideline. Be somewhat wary of translators who offer thousands of translated words per day as the quality may be lacking. Clients may also find that freelance translators offer faster turn-around but consistency and quality may be difficult to ascertain when these individuals work via online platforms or as one-time only hires.

How are Translation Costs Calculated?

So, it has been established that translation costs are calculated at a cost per word, then multiplied by the total number of words in the document, audio, or content. Sometimes, figuring out the number of words may be the first challenge; use the previously mentioned formula or your computer to determine the number of words. Do not forget to add additional wiggle-room for any extenuating circumstances, such as when the client needs it done within a specific timeline or other conditions, like COVID-19, which may drive up prices or limit availability of translators.

Need something translated? Make sure to hire a business that can put their energy and attention into the job, providing a quality and verifiable translation of content, copy, or documents. Rather than hire a freelancer, go with a company that offers a viable chain of command and leadership, so that customer service and support are not out of the question. Today’s marketplace requires the ability to quickly connect and communicate with others; translation makes global commerce possible. Rely on reputable and capable language translation to conduct business without boundaries today.

For over 20 years, prospective clients have relied and engaged with Etcetera Language Group, Inc. for quality translation in over 60 different languages. They offer competitive rates that stand-up to rivals but offer the support and service that set them apart from other translation service providers.

Language translation bridges gaps and opens doors to work with a wide range of patrons, as well as to communicate with a broad group of people; from the financial, legal, and medical field to education, advertising, and pharmaceutical industries, language translation is simply necessary in today’s ever changing world. The key to success is accuracy so look for a translator with a proven track record in the languages that you need, like French, German, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish- just to name a few. Whether you need to speak with an important client from China, or you simply want to translate an old letter written in Hebrew, let Etcetera Language Group, Inc. help.