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How to make LeBron James Team Tamper a reality

CHARLOTTE, NC – You know the picture.

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Dwyane Wade in a Miami Heat jersey, throwing a teammate on the teammate LeBron James,

This decade began with James and Wade who taught Miami, who started in a new era of player empowerment and creates one of the most iconic pairings in sports history.

went on Sunday night, where two old friends and teammates found themselves on both sides for the last time in the NBA All-Star Game this year. Playing together with Team LeBron, they got a last chance for a highlight-reel moment when Kevin Durant took the pass early in the third quarter and threw it in early to Wade.

Wade removed the ball from the backboard. It's a small moment within a meaningless game exhibition, but it's one that encapsulates the challenge that is for James when he returns to his Los Angeles Lakers job.

Nine years ago, he chose to leave Cleveland and contravene Wade and Chris Bosh on the coast of Biscayne Bay, which created a team that won two championships and reached four straight NBA Finals. In this summer, James needs to find someone to do what he has done: choose to play with him and turn his team into an opponent's championship.

He needs to find his next Dwyane Wade.

Team LeBron finished the 2019 All-Star Game with a 89-55 run at the final of 21:30 of the game. Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

That's what made this weekend a very exciting one. James drafted a team full of players linked to play beside him – either joining his Lakers as free summer agents or by trade (in the case of Anthony Davis, recently in the last two weeks).

With his selections, Team LeBron's name was quickly, and sarcastically, replaced by "Team Tampering."

Throughout this weekend – as well as 48 minutes of action took place at the Spectrum Center here at Queen City – every word, conversation and highlight between James and one of the many free stars agents in his squad were evaluated for clues about their collective future.

From Davis to Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving of Kawhi Si Leonard, Klay Thompson to Damian Lillard – whoever is on the floor with James, fans at home can spend dreams of what they will look like playing with him in a Lakers uniform.

And, no matter how dismissive James attempted to be about the subject, it was unbelievable that he did not do the same thing. After all, the Lakers are 28-29 in the last 25 games of the season, a brutal closing stretch that features 18 games against current playoff teams. Doing worse things is the long downfall in the franchise thanks to Davis's failed pursuit.

However, it was only for James to be selected from an All-Stars pool to play with him in an exhibition game. It's another to get one – or more – of them to play with him in Los Angeles. And, in any case, this weekend has served as another reminder of how much James and the Lakers face in front of them to do that.

Going to other Team Tampering members – along with other free agent-to-be – and curiosity where their basketball futures can quickly emphasize potential future difficulties for to James in Los Angeles.

Kevin Durant

We start with Durant, James's first pick and one of the few people on the planet who can be credited to him for the title of Best Player on Earth.

But Durant himself was enthusiastic about the subject of James playing in an article of Bleacher Report in December.

"So much hype comes from being around LeBron from other people," said Durant. "He has many fanboys in the media, though the writers just wanna talk to him, I like, we're playing basketball here, and it's not about basketball at some point, to be in the environment because it's poisonous especially when attention is bull-attention, fluff. It's not LeBron's fault at all, it's the fact you have many media groupies who love to hang on each word. go out on the road and we'll play of basketball. "

Durant's critics exclude the media – something he has done many times, including this weekend – it's still hard to see his path in Los Angeles. If Durant leaves the Golden State Warriors this summer – something that more people around the league are convinced will happen – the strong belief within the league he has joined the New York Knicks.

Kyrie Irving [19659025] James and James discussed fences with a recent phone call, the news story that Irving told most of Boston reporters last month after a dramatic win over the Toronto Raptors .

That, in concert with rumblings that Irving was no longer happy at Boston in October when he announced his plan to sign the Celtics again, led to the conversation Irving could play elsewhere next time.

However, the Celtics believe Irving will return – especially if Boston can file a deal with New Orleans to get Davis. The biggest roadblock in a deal that's happening – Davis does not want to stay in Boston – lost Saturday when he declared the Celtics were, in fact, on his list of preferred destinations.

But if Boston does not get Davis – or Irving's decision to leave – the Knicks are considered a more likely destination than a reunion with James.

Anthony Davis

When New Orleans did not trade at Davis at this time, the window for the Lakers to get him reduced significantly. Now Boston can offer a more delicious package than Los Angeles is capable of together. And if he gets the Celtics, he can offer Boston a chance to win – which he says is his top priority – with a team with Irving well in the next decade.

A team that is possibly more distant in the Celtics is the Knicks – but if they manage only to win the top lottery picks, and it includes the opportunity to draft the Duke superstar Zion Williamson. If that happens, they'll probably all get their way to the Knicks – a situation that, at this point, can only be classified as a fever dreams for the Big Apple fan of long-suffering.

Kawhi Leonard, meanwhile, is far from certain in Toronto in the past.

But while Leonard is intrigued by the possibility of returning closer to home in Southern California, these are the other teams at the Staples Center – – the LA Clippers – who remain heavy favorites to secure his service if he chooses to leave the Raptors.


Then there are guys who are seen as all but certain to stay with their current teams –

Klay Thompson has long been seen as a perfect fit to play with James – not mentioning his father, Mychal, is the color of the Lakers radio's analyst. But until the Warriors do not lower Thompson this summer – and, given Durant's uncertainty in the future, they are not expected to be angry with him – Thompson is tempted to stay in the Golden State.

how easily the chances of Charlotte Hornets becoming a real opponent at any time soon, meaning if Kemba Walker wants to go elsewhere. But he does not have any indication he wants, and Charlotte certainly has the ability to offer supermax this summer – a five-year deal with over $ 200 million – Walker seems to be available to stay in North Carolina .

] The same goes for Milwaukee Bucks little forward Khris Middleton (Team Giannis) and Philadelphia 76ers power forward Tobias Harris (All-Star snub). The Bucks are leading their best during the decades and need to keep Giannis Antetokounmpo happy, because he will have his own decision to make about his future next summer. It was difficult to see a situation where the Bucks informed Middleton to walk, given a little – if any – search upgrades for him this summer.

On the other hand, Philadelphia gave two first-round picks and a promising rookie to Landry Shamet to get Harris from the Clippers on the trading deadline – a move that is seen in the league as not only the Sixers for the season this, but also insurance about the future of the small forward Jimmy Butler (2018 All-Star).

The 76ers general manager of Elton Brand has declared ownership there is a resumption of both Harris and Butler this summer. It said, doing so (perhaps with max deals), along with Joel Embiid's current contract and the upcoming extension of the contract for Ben Simmons, will send Philadelphia deep into the luxury tax.

If the Sixers were not the same as these, the Butler was seen as more likely to leave. Harris is a better-suited statistic thanks to his choice of shooting – not to mention Butler's short time in Philadelphia because the trade was, at times, long. But when Butler made his first list of preferred destinations last fall before being awarded to Philadelphia, the Lakers were not here.

Meanwhile, teams – the Clippers, the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets – still have all the max cap space available to sign him.

Still, Butler is seen as arguably the most realistic option that can be changed in Los Angeles. The same goes for the center of the Golden State Warriors DeMarcus Cousins ​​ (2018 All-Star), though he has come to his own set of dangers – the most striking torn left Achilles & # 39; he recently returned from. [19659009] Making long, long-term dealings with him is, to put it mildly, a dangerous measure. It says, it can be the best option for the Lakers.

And if the Lakers choose to repeat what they did this summer – rolling their cap space until 2020 – they run on many issues. The first is one of the young players Brandon Ingram, becoming a restricted free agent, and even more expensive. The other is if Davis will retain any team trades for him – which, supposing he has arrived in a good situation, needs to be considered a real possibility – the rest of the Free-agent in that year is no closer to this year's class.

The Lakers, and LeBron, expect how the game has been played for the Defense Team The LeBron Team has proven to be a metaphor for what will happen in July. After the game started to fall asleep and fell by 20 in the third quarter, James and his band of stars returned to the game in the second half by making 21 3s in the final 21 minutes of the game, eventually emerging winner. [19659009] "You put me on the floor, I love to compete," James said afterward. "I'm a competitor, whatever it is.

" I'm competing to see if I can get to this table first. "

James then asked the moderator if anyone interviewed him.

Without answering the answer, James said," See what I'm talking about?

"You see all the second half of the time."

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