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IHeart Radio Music Awards: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry (maybe) Kiss, Taylor Swift Slams Hater, Alicia Keys & # 39; Kids Steal Show

As always, the iHeartRadio Music Awards have been proven to be one of the deepest and most entertaining nightlife on television. It is always one of those shows the rewards of the rest, with all the good times.

The evening was filled with beautiful live music shows, including a collaborative dispute between Alicia Keys and her son. Another surprise collaboration saw the star of "Jurassic Park" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" Chris Pratt joining Garth Brooks on stage for an unexpected vocal duet.

But perhaps the most anticipated outfit component is the appearance of both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in both live events. It has not yet occurred, and certainly not because the two seem to have negotiated for their long-standing conflict.

So the big question is what will happen if they are under the same roof? Can they alone with one red carpet? Appear on stage? Is it really together? Well, it is possible that one of those things happened, but nobody seemed quite sure on Thursday night.

See all the highlights from other big evening music below:

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Kiss? [1
9659007] Wait … @ KatyPerry ? @ TaylorSwift13 ? Thank god you did it! pic.twitter.com/zdORxeGjru

– Arthur (@THATSARTHUR) March 15, 2019

Ironically, the biggest night of the night may not have happened at all. One photo began to perry Perry to kiss a man on the red carpet, and to some fans with eagles it certainly was Swift. But nobody seems to know some.

Katy quickly crossed the edge during a segment interview to instill a quick kiss on the cheek, but ET Canada looks at the response from the crew and camera host to say all this. The camera did not sing to get the other women either before or after, and after looking back, troops continued to speak and re-replace the woman.

Surely they took the opportunity to have a huge viral moment by getting it better if it's really Swift, right? That said, the fast shot of the woman's profile as it slides on the frame looks like Swift.

Katy Perry Open in the Collab with Taylor Swift

Their abuse is totally restricted now, Katy Perry the next step in fixing her relationship with Taylor Swift: a collaboration. While no announcement was announced, the judge of "American Idol" ET said he was open to the idea.

However, as Katy Perry, she can not say it straight. In fact, she attended the red carpet in the same dress she wears on her new music video with Zedd, "365," where she plays a robotic "Stepford Wives". "I'm making music with Zedd, [so] I'm open," he said at the exit.

Zedd, who was with her on the carpet, added, "I've been programming him to make music with anyone, it's great"

"I'm loveable AI," concluded by Perry .

Taylor Swift That Slams His Haters

Taylor Swift took the Tour of the Year Award and immediately took the opportunity of receiving his speech to slam the haters to predict failure

"I think one of the most impressive things about the way this whole tour is for like the entire six months leading up to this first tour of the tour, everything I read about the tour said this will be a huge disappointment, tour, "he said.

"And you know, the wonders have really done for my self-esteem. It's good to hear people saying that I'm playing at almost empty stadiums."

nothing but praise and appreciate his fans and those who believe in him. "You are the only reason why this tour is not a huge disappointment and why this was the top tour of the history of the United States," she said, "That's it."

But do not believe that a new album is in the works. "When there is a new music, you will be the first to meet," he said. How much. "

Cardi B Makes Out His Award

Cardi B is not included in the award ceremony, but still creates one of the most memorable and viral moments. The rapper went home to the Hip-Hop Artist of the Year award and appeared in the video to thank his fans for all their support.

Again, he also thanked his haters, as last year. "You know, I have to thank my haters, you know what I'm saying," he said. "& # 39; Because you are saying things mean and I'm thinking that these things mean I'm going to weaken it but it makes me sad."

He then closes his acceptance by dropping and dirrty at his award, clarifying it enough as we hope he will wash it first. And yes, it has become a GIF and makes rounds.

Halloween Costume ✔️ # iHeartAwards2019 pic.twitter.com/hiUjxDECZp

– iHeartRadio (@ iHeartRadio) March 15, 2019

The most adorable costume of the year on "The Masked Singer" has made her a successful return to Fox as host T-Pain – announced as both the winner and the celebrity under the mask at the end – come out again under Monster's giant eye to make her own track on Jamie Foxx, "Blame It."

He also jokes that only seeing the costume gives him PTSD, the audience will never do that. "That sucked," he said. The pain is not just the artist who complains about the inability to do good clothes, but may be his most rigid in his natural motion.

However, we do not need your fellow artist's weakening from comedy revenge. It's very enjoyable and we need more of them to get those costumes so we can try and find out who they are. Do not take it from us!

Chris Pratt Sings at Garth Brooks

Chris Pratt has had his fan fans come true – having a whole generation of fans jealous – when he got the stage on one of his own icons and heroes, Garth Brooks.

The star of "Galaxy Guardians" is excited and honored only to allow introducing the country's music legend on stage, but when he returns later in the set to join him, you can see the joy of his face.

As inadequate, Pratt shared a momentous moment with Brooks and his band from behind the stage after their performance, admitting that it was a big deal for him he had of the actual tears in his eyes.

Alexa Wins Game Changer Tech Award

Bobby Bones and Garth Brooks showcase the first Game Changer Tech Award in a technology that brings music fans closer to their music in new and innovative ways. And the recipient of this year is temporarily accepting the award. But he needs Bobby to tell his name before he responds.

That's right, Alexa of the Amazon goes home to the highest prize and even he has a good smart acceptance of the word prepared. And he did not forget all the little technologies around him that helped him achieve this honor.

"It feels electric," he said in his big win. "I can not do this without my fans, especially you're the ceiling and bathroom fans out there, and a big Wi-Fi shout for always supporting me. Without it, I can not speak."

Alicia Keys & # 39; Sons Steal Show

Alicia Keys has a special guest for her performance, but she completely upstaged her. His eight-year-old Egyptian son proved that musical talent runs into the family, restricting the ivory and performing with his famous mama to "Raise a Person."

Better yet, he had his own baby to order his own spotlight. And he is not happy to impress his piano skills. Later, when the Keys asked a singular audience of "You Did not Know My Name," Egypt brought some moves at the moment by showing her floss skills.

Someone tells us that we are hearing more from these young people in the coming years.

Elsewhere in the evening, Key gave a shout to his other son – a four-year-old Genesis – while receiving the Innovator award. "In truth, my Genesis son might have hurt getting Taylor on another night tonight," he joked. "He's working on it not sure how it's gonna go but it looks pretty good now!"

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