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Jamie’s Backstory is based on Actor Amelia Eve in ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’

One of the new standout players in Season 2 of The Concerned One anthology series is Amelia Eve as Jamie, the gardener. The Haunted by Bly Manor Makes a wonderful job of showing all the stories in the background of the main characters without feeling like it is doing too much or getting away from the general season. Jamie is the perfect example of this; she had a long length monologue in Episode 6. And Eve really helped make Jamie backstory. [Spoileralert:earlySoilers[Spoileralert:Spoilersheadfor[AlertongSpoiler:maagaangmgaSpoiler[Spoileralert:SpoilersaheadforThe Haunted by Bly Manor]

Jamie, the gardener, played a heavy role in ̵
6;The Haunting of Bly Manor’


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After Dani (Victoria Pedretti) tries to be short on Bly Manor upon arrival, the gardener, Jamie, walks away and doesn’t really try to say hello. Maybe it was her personality or the fact that she was one of the first to see another au pair, the body of Rebecca Jessel, but Jamie was a bit far ahead of Dani. But Dani feels like she already knows him, in a “different life” kind of way.

Regardless, the two fell into a really good friendship at first. And then there is no denying that there are feelings there as well. Dani has ghosts of her own to get through, but once she does this, their chemistry is undeniable. Jamie is a major player in The Haunted by Bly Manor and saves Dani from himself and the Lady of the Lake, who lives in Dani’s body in the end. Their story is deeply sad and annoying, but their love story is also really beautiful.

Mike Flanagan loves monologues and tells Amelia Eve about Jamie when he was thrown

Before Dani completely beats his inner ghosts, Jamie opens up. Dani has already told Jamie what her future holds, so Jamie greets her soul. Which is really hard for a person who is too closed and who has gone through a lot of trauma in his life.

To do this, showrunner Mike Flanagan gave Jamie a fairly long and large monologue in Episode 6, “The Jolly Corner.” He told Eve about it “from day one” and explained that it came from his love of monologues and “slow push-ins” with an actor along with the actor.

“She hasn’t written much of the monologue yet, but we know there will be one,” Eve explained to Elle in an interview on October 16. “And so I put together this backstory for Jamie, who uses a lot of article that really inspired me … “

Eve describes how she sent those articles to Flanagan about what she saw and what she thinks for Jamie’s backstory. And all of that “changed” Jamie’s story and monologue in front of the moonflowers.


Eve came out with most of Jamie’s backstory

It really matters for an actor to have that much input on their character. Jamie is also one of the characters in the show that doesn’t come from Henry James ’stories, which is what The Haunted by Bly Manor loose based on.

“I really have a big part in the monologue, in creating and integrating his life story, which is incredible,” Eve continued, saying that Flanagan still went “with his magical dust of gold “and it polished what the viewers saw. “I feel like it’s connected, by the time we filmed that scene, because I put the blocks in place and put these points into her life through my research.

Part of that research will also come in Jamie’s accent.

Jamie’s accent is also Eve’s idea

Eve is from London, so her accent in real life is different than Jamie, who is an accent in Northern English.

“When I first read the character, I had the feeling that he was North from the Midlands, Northern England, my family was from the North,” Eve told BriefTake.com on October 9. “… As I read him, I just got a force from him that he was North, and I did my first self-tape with my own accent and I didn’t feel it was touching, and then I made another shot with an accent in the North. “

Eve said the acquisitions she made with the Northern accent were the best reached, and ultimately what got her the job. He said that as soon as he met Flanagan after he drove her away, that research resumed.

“I researched the staff and where he could have learned all the skills he could have learned and why he was the way he was and why he was leading himself,” Eve said. “And I suggested that I got this sense that she could be the North, that she could be a girl in the North and that Mike was really ready to hear that and to see how it happened.”

Even on set, Eve used her natural accent and the Northern one, and the latter was what was most appropriate. And what the spectators got when they fell in love with the gardener at Bly Manor.

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