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Jussie Smollett Is Charged in Scramble of His Own Assault

Jussie Smollett, the "Imperial" actor who says he was the victim of a crime of hate, was judged Wednesday night in an Illinois grand jury who saw a possible cause that actually presented the attack he reported to the Chicago police in January.

Law enforcement officials said that a grand jury had decided that Mr. Smollett was mistakenly reported to have attacked a case that quickly drawn national attention, and charged him with a number of crimes inconsistent behavior

Mr. Smollett, black and so-called gay, told the police that, while walking downtown Chicago, he was confronted by masked men who threw homophobic and racial slurs on him, and announced that it was "THE country," a reference to the President Trump's slogan of the campaign.

[Atimelineng case Jussie Smollett .]

Mr. Smollett received an immediate outpouring of public support. His account has been widely mentioned as an example of others in an increasingly sized crime of hate, in which F.B.I. The reported last fall has increased for the third straight year.

But the change in mindset of investigators as the case progressed began to unleash criticisms on news media and politicians that many critics said were too quick to embrace a defective account in their trip to plunder the president. It became a nightly topic on Fox News for Tucker Carlson, which was called a case of identity politics that ran amok. "Politics of identity is an insult," he says, "and it is not different from the one Jussie Smollett got."

Ramesh Ponnuru, a senior editor at the National Review, said on Wednesday: "I think the first reassuringly recommended reaction, especially to liberals who are looking at a story that seems to have confirmed their impressions about supporters of Trump. "

Mr. Smollett continues to force the incident to occur as he reported it. A representative for her, Pamela Sharp, said she was "aware of news" but no further comment.

In a statement Wednesday night, the Chicago police said Mr. Smollet "was officially classified as a suspect in a criminal investigation of #ChicagoPolice for filing a false police report (Class 4 felony). Detectives currently presenting evidence before the Cook County Grand Jury. "

From the beginning, the investigators had difficulty proving Mr. Smollett's story, though there were a dozen detective-assigned cases.

Surveillance cameras are not an outbreak. No witnesses. She did not report it from the scene, and when she got home she was wearing it said that the perpetrators had placed her neck.

However, investigators surveyed two men who left the video footage not far from the scene that night. Using sharing data sharing, they discovered two brothers who actually met Mr. Smollett. One acted in addition to "Empire."

Police first identified the brothers as possible suspects in the attack, but then released them without filing any charges. The men reportedly reported to the investigators who were joined by Mr. Smollett was a mistake in attack and paid them to participate in them.

The brothers, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, were brought as witnesses to the grand jury on Wednesday night with their attorney. [19659002] The filing of a false police report in Illinois is considered to be of good behavior and may be charged as a misdemeanor or a crime. In the case of Mr. Smollett, the police said the grand jury had decided on a felony count, carrying a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

Mr. Smollett's lawyers, Todd S. Pugh and Victor P. Henderson, said their client had denied the police. "Jussie Smollett was angry and destroyed by recent reports that perpetrators are individuals who are familiar with him," they said in a Saturday statement.

It added: "One of the suspects was Jussie's personal trainer whom he hired to prepare for him physically for a music video. It is impossible to believe that this person could have a role in crime against Jussie or the misappropriation claim of Jussie's conspiracy. "

Mr. Smollett's possible motive in carrying out a plan that the police suspect he complains is still mysterious. There are different theories that have emerged, suggesting that he or she is worried that he will tell a lower profile in "Empire," probably written throughout the Fox series. In fact, the network denied that case.

On Wednesday, in fact, before the police announced, Fox announced another statement saying it stands by Mr Smollett. He is called "a good professional in the range" and said, "as we have said, he is not written from the show."

One week before the reported attack, Mr. Smollett said he had received a virulently racist and threatened anonymous letters containing a white powder, finally being considered harmless. F.B.I. was investigating the letter but refused to comment.

As Mr. Smollett described the attack that took place at 2 am on January 29. He said his assailants stabbed him in the face, pushed him, then poured the substance into the chemical substance him while he walked back along the Lower East North Water Street, after a trip to buy a tuna sandwich. Mr Smollett, in a follow-up interview with detectives, said the attackers were mentioned "MAGA country."

Mr. Smollett's manager, Brandon Moore, said he was on the phone with Mr. Smollett and heard part of the attack, a statement later confirmed by telephone records released to the police.

Within days, the police released an image of two men whom they considered "potential people interested in asking questions." Said Mr. Smollett in an interview with "Good Morning America" ​​that he is convinced that the men in the pictures are his attackers.

"Because I was there," said Mr. Smollett. "For me, when it's released, I'm like, & # 39; OK, we're getting somewhere. & # 39; I'm not in my mind that's it."

On February 13, investigators detained Osundairos after they landed in Chicago on a flight from Nigeria where they were riding just after the reported incident. The police removed their home and, according to CBS Chicago, removed objects with the script "Empire", a ski mask, a red hat and a magazine.

Performed within two days without being charged, brothers, both acting and trained as bodybuilders, have reportedly provided investigators with an account presented to them as pretended raiding on a bit of street theater intended to dampen public perceptions. Investigators believed that the ropes used could be bought by brothers at the Crafty Beaver store in the Ravenswood district on the North Side of Chicago.

The police broke into the area, recalling some videos from nearby stories in a clear effort to prove the account of brothers.

Public opinion, once strong behind Mr. Smollett, began to worry about the past days. Al Sharpton, for example, among the people who first condemned the reported attack, said that if the incident was shown to be a fraud, the responsible "should face the maximum liability."

In some ways the marked change in opinion resembles the results of an incident last month in Washington where videos showed to show high school students from Covington, Ky,. wearing the "Make America Great Again" hats, cooperating with a standoff with an American American elder. As more videos surfaced, the encounter appeared to be more complex. The students themselves are hurt by African Americans who struggle and their defenders indicate that they are unfairly described by a liberal media that is too fast to judge.

In the case of Smollett, Chicago police continued for weeks to assert that Mr. Smollett was considered a victim. But in recent days, the investigators have changed their behavior. On Tuesday, they released an unconfirmed tip that reports Mr. Smollett saw the brothers at an elevator on the night of the attack. The report later failed but changed the police's viewpoint.

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