After making racist comments at the Marysville candidate forum Thursday, City Council candidate Jean Cramer responded to a Times Herald reporter's inquiry into her Marysville home Friday, 23 August 2019.
Brian Wells, The Times Herald

MARYSVILLE, Mich. – Marysville City Council candidate Jean Cramer says she has no plans to return to racing even under fire for racist comments she made at an election forum Thursday night.

Mayor Dan Damman and other local leaders, called for his departure.

"I will say that I probably finished it this morning," he said Friday. "After the initial shock of what he said has subsided and (given) the deep insights he has, I do not believe he deserves to serve as an elected official in Marysville or anywhere else."

Cramer, one of five residents who filed for three council seats in the November election, responded to a question in the city candidates forum about attracting foreign residents to the community with : "Keep Marysville a white community as long as it can't." ] After the forum, he expanded his beliefs, especially people who have different careers should not get married.

After making racist comments at the Marysville candidate forum on Thursday, the City Court candidate. e Jean Cramer responded to a questioning at her home in Marysville Friday, August 23, 2019. Cramer said she plans to stay in the race, despite numerous calls-out for her to return to the race. (Photo: Brian Wells / Times Herald)

Jean Cramer opposes interracial marriage

In a follow-up interview outside his Marysville home Friday afternoon, it was duplicated in Cramer his statements. Asked if he understood why his neighbors might be angry, he said: "If there's a biracial marriage in the family, yes."

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"Because those people don't know the other side of it," he said. "For whatever reason, I heard, they love one another, whatever, but there is also something like the rest of the world. People don't have to get married, and, if they love someone, they love one. There is nothing wrong with it. "

Cramer, 67, cited the Bible in support of his ideology. Despite widely condemning his views, he said he did not believe he was racist.

"As far as I know, we've never been here, Marysville is a white community, a white city," he said. "… If we saw a black person here and whatever, no, it didn't bother us. I don't care about it."

& # 39; I know in my heart that he was in the minor & # 39;

Kevin Watkins, president of the Port Huron chapter of the NAACP, said he also thought Cramer deserved to be rescinded. from the Marysville City Council career.

But he added that it was important that the initial call came from the city's own head.

Watkins said that the local minority community is always aware that racism exists in the area – as in other communities. He said he believes that individuals like Cramer have more recently been inspired by the future, "playing outside of Trump's playbook."

"The good news is that now we can see you and (hear) how you feel," he said. "I knew in my heart that he was a minor."

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Both Watkins and Damman say local controversy has arisen since in Cramer's comments will eventually spur a more constructive conversation for local residents.

And Damman said he wanted to "make sure everyone heard."

"It just tells us that until we come as a society, there is still a very frustrating, deep-thinking, oppressive outlook," said the mayor. "And I think we need dialogue to make all places better for people, of all races, nationalities and backgrounds. ”

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