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Meghan Markle praises Black Lives Matter protests as ‘a good thing’

Meghan: ‘Yes we are fine, how are you all? We were so lucky with our little one, she was so busy. He was all over the place. He was just amazing. He keeps us on our toes, but we are really very lucky. ‘

Abbianca Makoni, reporter: ‘Why did you decide to launch this project?’

Meghan: ‘We all decided to get together and do it. I mean, honestly, and I was in the UK for a few years until we got back here, I didn’t realize there was a Black History Month in Britain, and so that we noticed was really exciting I think, from everyone’s point of view of happening in the world but mostly just because of about community celebrations. And really if you celebrate all the individuals who make an incredible impact within our community, then what a great thing to be a part of. I want to highlight people I don’t know personally and really find their work to be remarkable but also ask them to highlight who the next generation is, who other people are. What it does is really expand the list of role models for British youth, and people abroad, black or white, or any other color for that matter.

Harry: ̵

6;I mean, you can just … we’ve talked about it before, you can just be what you see, and I think you handled it right from the start there, where the UK is incredible diverse and London in particular is one of, celebrated as one of the most diverse cities in the world, but if you really go out on the streets and you really talk to people, I think it is … not always as … it doesn’t feel as different as it really is. And so now is the best time for us to use our platform, including your platform, so that we can start a conversation and introduce people to the black community that makes a huge difference within their own communities but throughout the UK also as a whole. So I think this is a month of celebration, and of course with so many other things happening in the UK and America and around the world right now, there may be parallel connections there, but it is important for us it is very Black History Month celebration. ‘

Makoni: ‘And why is the project more important today, especially with everything happening in the Black Lives Matter movement and protests around the world?’

Harry: ‘For me, it’s awareness and education and teaching. You know, I had a kind of awakening like myself, because I was unaware of so many issues and so many problems within the UK, but also globally. I thought I did, but I didn’t. And it’s not about pointing the finger, it’s not about blaming anyone, it’s about using this opportunity, this month, to introduce Brits to other Brits they may not know about or maybe not they heard. And I think the strength of the community that comes from it is completely vast, especially for young black boys and young black girls. ‘

Meghan: ‘So, and I also think what it does reminds people of our part of humanity, and that’s what it took. Educational but also really exciting to find more people in the community that inspire. ‘

Lizzie Edmonds, journalist: ‘Do you have any reflection on Black Lives Matter in the UK in particular and will you be given a different perspective on it?’

Meghan: ‘This is a different movement. The impetus comes from a place of recognition of equality, and if you just go back to its ground level, I don’t think there is anything controversial about it. You know, we had a lot of conversations earlier this year, when Black Lives Matter and the US racial justice movement went after the murder of George Floyd, we talked to Alicia Garza, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter. And because he can repeat, impetus is really just about reminding people of your value. And I think, you know, as we have seen its various iterations, what blows up in my opinion for many people is when any version of a community is disrupted. But when there are only peaceful protests and if there is a desire that only wants unity and only wants recognition of equality, then that is a good thing actually. And so, you know, while it is difficult for people to certainly make it computation of the historical importance that people get to the place they are, uncomfortable for people. And we recognize that, it is uncomfortable for us. And I think when everyone just starts owning that, we push it and focus on how we differentiate it from advancing? And if we only focus on the uplift and the positiveness of that, while still acknowledging the past, then we are changing things again, and that should not be inflammatory. It should be really exciting indeed. ‘

Harry: ‘I don’t know … nothing can be added on top of it, perfectly said it.’

Meghan: ‘That is a difficult question for us to answer by the way.’

Harry: ‘There’s a reason we decided to do this to you. You have the most diverse reading of all the newspapers, and by the way it looks here but also from some of the material I read, you have a different interior worker also in the Evening Standard, which is not the same for others. So that is something that should be celebrated, but again, just because of that, there may be a bias that comes out in reporting, out of society, in all corners of society, and again that is something that I realized, but it became very clear to me. But again, this is for me, this is an opportunity for people to learn, for all of us to learn. ‘

Makoni: ‘And how did you choose the list of high profile people to help you designate trailblazers?’

Harry: ‘The people we know. The people we have been in contact with over the years, the people other people have mentioned to us. See, you know, this work has a certain uniqueness about it where we travel all over the world, but we also visit all communities, not all, but many communities within the UK, and the same names keep popping up. And we were really impressed, humbled and inspired by these people, either Doreen Lawrence, or if, you know, Neil Basu – these are the people really, who really make a difference. We spoke to Ashley Banjo a few weeks ago, right after Britain’s Got Talent situation. You know, that in itself, I’m sure even if I’m talking about it it would be controversial, but the truth is that he and his team of men put on the most amazing show of how they saw, or how 2020… ‘

Meghan: ‘Sorry, my dog ​​just came …’

Harry: ‘And we had a great chat with Ashley. You know, he was really strong, he was very happy with it, but at the same time he was worried because of the reaction. And again, this is not about pointing the finger, it is not about blaming. I will be the first person to say that this, again, is about learning. Learning about what our part in all of this is and how we can improve it.

Meghan: ‘When you look at some of the names of people from our list that we know, some of the people they suggested were really exciting. So for example, Misan (Harriman) chose someone who created the black curriculum. And when you start looking at history books and what we were taught, to see it through a different lens, seeing it through a different lens, will help shape how children understand where they came from and then to know more about where they are going. ‘

Makoni: ‘This is a cause close to your heart along with many other charities in Britain. Is it hard not to go to the UK right now to join them directly? ‘

Meghan: ‘Well, you know, I think I’m with Covid, my goodness, everyone is used to what distance means, right? And so the effect of that, whether next to the pond or the whole town, you are still for the most part through a computer screen. So I think we all need to adapt to how we can have the most impact and influence possible within the constraints of what happened to Covid-19. ‘

Harry: ‘Everyone went through the video, everyone was in a room where. So it really doesn’t matter where in the world we go, we stay in touch and we support the organizations we connect with, as humanly as possible. ‘

Meghan ‘You know, like all of you, we do our best and hope to still feel our passion and our commitment, because it certainly didn’t move.’

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