CWD is a cure disease that leaves the brains full of holes. What is always a deadly situation and how do people fight against it?

Michigan raises its battle stakes to combat the chronic wasting of deer, a neurological condition that produces a deer that looks like a "zombie."

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources works with Michigan State University to release $ 4.7 million in grants to support pain-targeted efforts.

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is related to crazy craving. The infected deer often looks slim and confused, misleading and fearless people.

Dr. Russ Mason, head of the DNR Wildlife Division, parts of the Free Press of $ 4.7 million will be allocated to support four categories:

  • $ 2.5 million for basic research, as is coming more effective and economical sample testing strategies
  • $ 1.5 million for practical and applied research, such as understanding population movements to design management strategies.
  • $ 500,000 to support multi-jurisdictional collaboration. Any group may apply and qualify for money, along with an investigator located in Michigan.
  • $ 700,000 for public outreach and communication to get the message as a whole is "an existential threat to the usa, and to conservation in general," Mason says.

Proposals will be accepted until 5 pm on June 3.

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Deer feeding along the Michigan roadside in April 2011 image file.

Do not eat meat

Even though Mason said that there was no apparent relationship between the consumption of contaminated venison and human disease, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization reminds against the waste of meat from tested positive animals for CWD.

"You must throw the deer, not eat meat, and not feed it with pets," says Mason.

He added that some experts believe that CWD has the potential to cross barrier species and infect humans.

This is a major issue in Michigan, with nearly 600,000 hunters.

Mason said that the goal was to keep the check on disease, with less than 1% of the deer population. When the rate of infection violates 1%, he said, it is almost impossible to get rid of it.

"You can literally eliminate all the deer in the area, repopulate the deer, and the deer get sick," he said.

Effect of Michigan

According to DNR data, a total of 30,751 free-range, white-tailed deer last year was tested for CWD and 62 was positive, with Montcalm County showing the largest number . "Today, the main focus of the infection appears to be in (west), the central Lower Peninsula. So Montcalm County in Kent County, up to Mecosta," he said.

"But, in addition, we had a positive animal in UP, which obviously … crossed from Wisconsin, and Wisconsin, at this point, is likely to be a bad problem with this disease. some counties are close to or more than 50%, which will damage their population as likely. "

According to the CDC, in March 2019, there were 270 counties in 24 states, reporting of CWD cases.

However, in Michigan, Mason says that the numbers of infections are "near very close" to 1% in areas like Montcalm County and northeast Kent County, with a municipality above 1%.

Better testing

Mason says he expects heat supply to help lead to better and more accurate tests for the disease.

Currently, the testing process can take 7-14 days, depending on the weather, and can run about $ 125 each. "In the last three years, we spent around $ 15 million in tests, so as we try to meet all the needs, it's very important for us," Mason says. "We need better than that."

He added that coming next year, the DNR hopes that state exam numbers will reach 45,000.

Furthermore, Mason hopes to better understand how sickness in different landscapes and different parts of the state moves. By studying more about how the disease moves, Mason says they will have a better idea of ​​where they need to fight it.


Severe waste of disease is deadly in one and other cervids. Areas of disease management are established to contain disease and prevent spread.
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