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New iOS 13 features, erase Siri recordings, PDF signatures, and more: Tech Q&A

Find Social Media Accounts

Q: When I interview someone for a position or meet someone for the first time, I want to see what they post on social media. You can say a lot about someone this way! Is there a trick to finding someone's social accounts?

A: From the beginning, social media has become a double edged one: first and foremost, it is a great way to share meaningful life events and professional information with friends and colleagues. However, this is a mine of potential gaffes and misunderstandings about your life. The best place to start when you're looking to find someone's social media accounts is Facebook. There are trade tricks to track someone's account using their name or phone number. I have a slew of information on my site. Tap or click here for 6 tricks to find people on social media.

Cool iOS 13 Tricks

Q: I don't see much difference in the new iOS 13 for my iPhone. Is this more Apple marketing hype, or am I missing the boat?

A: You always want to update to the latest operating system. Yes, time is up, but thank yourself for the latter, even if there are usually some bugs to work out. The reason: every new version of iOS provides important security updates that help prevent malware, spyware, and every other type of ware. (Please don't make the mistake of thinking Apple products are immune). In the meantime, you can appreciate updating in other ways, too; the new iOS has some new features, many of which are not easy to escape notice. If you know what you are looking for – and how to use it – you may find yourself relying on these new tools again. Tap or click here for the 9 new iOS 13 features you'll use all the time.

My Show Podcast

Q: I like to listen to podcasts when driving and taking my steps. Do you have any podcasts?

A: I recently saw an article about podcasts, in which the author argues that our culture has reached the "peak podcast." It could be that the wave of new programs is starting to shrink, leaving only the best in its wake. I have two weekly podcasts. "Demand Command" is about 30 minutes of weekly top tech headlines along with interviews with people who are doing amazing things in the industry. Just search Command on Apple, Google, or wherever you get your podcasts. "The Kim Command Show" is my weekly national three hour radio show full of news, tips, and callers. It is also available as a podcast, but you can only get it on my website. Click or click here for The Kim Command Show Podcast.

Delete Siri Recordings

Q: I read on your site how to delete Alexa recordings, and thanks for that. Can I do the same with Siri?

A: Like Amazon before this, Apple has frustrated many of its customers with conducting audio transcriptions – a way of keeping audio files of users' orders and writing them out for future use. Siri doesn't attract as many ugly heads as Alexa, but the scandal is noticeably similar. Most tech companies make the argument that these recordings are only used to improve personal use, and this is probably true, but I can't blame anyone for skepticism. In other words, if you don't like the idea of ​​Apple archiving your data, there is a simple setting you can change. Tap or click here to disable auto review transcription on your iPhone.

Sign PDF Docs

Q: I often need to sign PDF documents for my business. What is the easiest way to sign a PDF file?

A: Get ready because I'm about to save you a lot of time. We live in an era of "e-signatures," and these days, there is very little reason for most people to destroy ballpoint pens. I know many people who sign very important documents (e.g., real estate forms) without looking at a single piece of paper, much less physically signing it and scanning it. We owe Adobe Reader, the reigning champion of PDF documents. In the past, a Reader was about one thing: PDFs were displayed. Now, with the advancement of technology, you can add text, along with your actual signature, to a digital page. You will prefer a physical copy for the most critical documents, such as works and will, but a digital signature should be sufficient in most cases.

Tap or click here to watch a short video about how to quickly sign PDFs on your Mac or PC.

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