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No update to No Man in the Sky brings some major quality-of-life improvements

No Sky's 19

] Beyond the update of is bringing some massive new features to the game. But while things like new and improved social systems and virtual reality support are likely to be the main focus, the patch also includes some gameplay improvements that should make even the smallest moments more enjoyable. he.

Perhaps the biggest change has been to upgrade the players' inventory space. While the inventory space has previously been difficult to navigate, Hello Games has relieved these limitations by allowing players to bring a "near-unlimited" amount of mined material.

Speaking of mining resources, though it has been improved with the latest game update. Mining today will disrupt more often; the bosses who once annoyed players are less aggressive, which means they won't bother you as much as you do me. In other mining improvements, the Mining Beam has been reworked in a way that should reward players for trying to make the most of the beam before it overheats.

Among the major additions to this patch is the new ability to defeat animals. When you realize one of the animals in No Man of Heaven you also have the ability to ride it, and it is to transport any alien you are looking for. While the limitations of the system are still unclear, it seems you can ride some pretty big creatures ̵

1; even giant cobras .

These are just a few of the many quality-of-life updates and gameplay included in No Man's Sky's Beyond update. For a full look at all the changes you can find in the patch notes below:

No Sky Beyond patch notes by humans

Virtual Reality Support

  • Our most requested feature: you can now play the entirety of No Man's Sky in Virtual Reality without compromise.
  • Switch seamlessly between VR and standard gameplay. Proceed from an existing save to revisit favorite planets, bases and creatures throughout Virtual Reality.

Expanded Multiplayer

  • Multiplayer sessions can now accommodate multiple explorers. The Space Anomaly can hold up to 16 players across all platforms.
  • Throughout the rest of the universe, the maximum number of players increased from 4 to 8 players on the console, and from 4 to 32 players on the PC.
  • Virtual Reality and the standard player modes can be seamlessly matched in the same behavior session.

The best time to start a new journey

  • Missions and tutorials have changed dramatically. The early game was streamlined and focused to better teach players new mechanics, especially in VR.
  • New story content was added to weave the existing strands of the Atlas Path, the journey of the Space Anomaly, and the story of Artemis.
  • Components, products, new technologies and other curiosities were automatically added to the new Catalog when first encountered. A rework of the Pinning system allows players to get detailed step-by-step instructions on how to find or build any item in their Catalog.
  • The features of the guide throughout the game have been dramatically improved, with auto-highlighting of relevant crafting requirements. and better contextual messaging on complex missions.

Ambient Multiplayer

  • Ambient encounters with other explorers are now represented by full character models, allowing players to see each other's character and customize the ship. Rescuing, developing, and exploring together is richer and more urgent than ever.
  • Use the Voice & Networking interface to integrate with any explorers you encounter.
  • PC players can use an extended chat interface to control group options and manage communications.

A New Social Hub

  • The Space Anomaly has been transformed into a new social hub. This unique communal space exists across all systems and galaxies, giving all explorers the opportunity to see each other's characters and ship customizations, meet new friends, and perform missions .
  • Space Anomaly's powerful teleporter enables explorers to easily browse and visit. each basis of each directly from the Anomaly.
  • The Teleporter will also feature extraordinary bases created by members of the No Man & # 39; s Sky community, bringing guests from all over the stars to see the best bases in the universe.
  • Explorers who have encountered the Anomaly now have the ability to summon it to outer space.

Nexus Missions

  • Multiplayer missions have already begun from The Nexus, located within the Space Anomaly. A huge range of unique missions are now available – including a new mission style – Base Construction.
  • Team of other explorers – friends, or random encounters – to perform missions for Nada and Polo and earn rewards.
  • Nexus The rewards of the mission are soon to include Quicksilver, to unlock special customization and development of Polo's robotic features. Learning new crafting recipes is clearer, more interactive, and more touching.
  • The Blueprint Analyzer has been transformed into an advanced Construction Research Unit. Players can now choose their own research paths, and more clearly describe their research progress. Even more base components are available within the Space Anomaly.
  • Visit technology experts aboard the Space Anomaly to purchase enhancements for Exosuit, starhip, Multi-Tool and exocraft technology.
  • Unlock freight and frigate technology from freight bridge.
  • Learn product recipes in specialist research facilities at planetary facilities.

Gameplay Balance

  • Explorers will be able to enjoy a longer stream of uninterrupted mining with less frequent and less aggressive sentinels, and a reworked overheat mechanic for the Mining Beam that will reward the pushing the heat to the limit.
  • Ship controls and space combat balance have been improved.
  • The inventory limits were relaxed, allowing explorers to carry near-unlimited quantities of mine components. The invention of the UI has been modified and improved.
  • A large number of quality life issues were addressed, and new recipes and technologies were added to ease the grinding.
  • Examples include: large specialized Warp Cell; ability to move installed technology; ability to install technology in phases, such as repairs; adding additional ramps to the Space Station; adding Mining Beam upgrades that increase extraction resources; the addition of starship technologies that recharge Launch thrusters automatically; and restoration of Carbon Planters.

Discovery Page

  • The Discovery Page has been overhauled and expanded for a more intuitive interface, and to reflect the alien flora, fauna and minerals discovered in more detail.

Planetary Charts

  • The buildings are specifically located through a system of Planet Charts purchased from the Space Station Cartographer.
  • Purchase charts for nanites, or exchange your own navigation data for new charts. Earn data by charting the buildings you discover as you explore.

Galaxy Map

  • The information on the Galaxy Map is easier to display, with clear text, icons, and navigation.
  • On PC, mouse-based navigation. The map has been improved.

Virtual Reality User Interface

  • The HUD and user interface completely remade for Virtual Reality, to ensure that every interaction available in the game feels natural and developed for the purpose.
  • Slip directly to your Exosuit, and manipulate and manage your inventory directly from your wrist.
  • 2D menus like stores are rendered in an in-world, "diegetic" user interface, which can be navigated using intuitive point-and-click style contacts. [19659058] New Travelers NPCs
    • The Polo and Priest Entity Nada Expert welcomes 12 new Travelabo travelers to their home. Each has its own role to play – from Iteration Helios, the ancient dreamer, to Iteration Ares, avid collector of unique merchandise.
    • Return to these Travelers daily to experience the many interactions, missions, and opportunities to earn a nanite.

    New Aliens Hidden

    More than 60 new dialogues are available from alien NPCs encountered at planetary facilities, featuring mini stories and missions.

    All existing foreign NPC dialogues have been revised and improved.

    Animals have improved, with aliens showing more appropriate moods from the start of conversations.

    Dialogue boxes have been improved, to better distinguish between descriptive text and dialogue.

    Dynamic NPCs

    • Alien NPCs will improve. walking today, and interacting with elements in their environment, such as chairs, panels, and other NPCs. There is also now a richer mix of NPCs in Space Stations.
    • NPCs will also respond to motions from explorers.
    • Some alien NPCs may encounter the planet, with new unique sets of dialogues.

    Alien Languages ​​

    • Foreign language learning is enhanced, giving explorers the choice of which word category to know.
    • New auto-translator tech is available for Exosuit, to translate a small number of unknown words.
    • More than 700 new foreign words have been added to the dictionary, and nearly identical word variations, such as plastics, are now being learned together in groups.

    Riding Creatures

    • Beautiful creatures with bait, then mount and ride with them to explore the planets. from a new perspective.

    Harvesting Creatures of

    • Harvested Creatures can also be peacefully harvested for various other cooking ingredients, such as milk, eggs, or & # 39; edible clusters & # 39 ;.

    Cooking and Recipes

    • Encounter 10 new varieties of ha
    • Harvesting raw ingredients from plants and creatures, and experimenting with Nutrient Process to discover over 300 delicious recipes.
    • Create bait for annoying creatures. boost your Exosuit, or present it to Iteration Cronus aboard the Anomaly for culinary critique and potential rewards.

    Base Power System

    • The planetary bases can now be powered by fueled biogenerators, or self-sustaining solar cells.
    • Wire up powered part to grid, and experiment with 5 types of logical switches to direct power flow.
    • Create brilliant lighting and sound displays or complex restraints involving the creators of the globe and short-range teleporters.

    Optimization [19659090] The game is highly optimized throughout, improving performance in every area of ​​the universe. In particular, players on lower PCs will enjoy significant framerate improvements, and the game now supports Intel's integrated graphics card.

  • Planet and freight bases already have many levels of detail (LOD), to increase rendering speed on large, complicated grounds.
  • Shaders are now loaded as needed, rather than upwards, reducing the initial game load.

Improved Base Building

  • The experience of building bases has been enhanced with a special new camera perspective, the ability to jetpack while building, and visual clues of possible snap points.
  • Explorers can expand their creativity even with large sets of new base components as well as taking advantage of flexible new ways to scale and rotate base components. [19659096] Build menu usability, with better classification, easier intuitive integration of components, and greater visibility of menu hierarchy.

Industrial Base Building

  • Survey planetary surfa ces for hidden deep levels of mineral deposits, concentrated gas clouds, or electromagnetic hotspots.
  • Develop specialized industrial components at locations surveyed to take advantage of these hidden resources. Depots and batteries. Parts of the industrial base will continue to harvest in real time, even if the game is not running.

Starship Enhancements

  • All the stars were overhauled with a complete remodeling and re-evaluation, and the ship's wings and nose were now visible from the inside of the ship.
  • In VR, spin for a full 360 ° view of the starship cockpit.
  • The size of the ships increased, and was re-examined in more detail.

Virtual Reality User Interaction [19659106] With complete head and hand tracking, Virtual Reality interactions have made No Man's Sky more intuitive, tactful, and engaging than ever before.
  • Your Multi-Tool accidentally kicks off your shoulder. Intuitively target and fire at targets, or stay away from them to engage in combat in your beds.
  • Tap a button on your headset to toggle Analysis Visor, and then point to the fauna, flora, and minerals to scan and discover them. 19659109] The lift opens the cockpit of your star, and then reaches and holds the controls to take flight.

  • First Person Exocraft Driving

    • Exocrafts can now be driven from a first-person perspective, with new unique tactile cockpits for all 5 vehicles.

    Virtual Reality Controller Support

    • A range of motion controllers are supported in Virtual Reality, to allow players to enjoy the game with their existing VR setup. Touch, Valve Index, or Vive Wand.
    • On PS4, the game can be played on PSVR with a DUALSHOCK4, or on PlayStation Move Controllers for full-hand monitoring.


    • On PC, OpenGL has been replaced. through the Vulkan API, performance improvements across the board, especially for users on AMD cards, or on older CPUs.

    PC Graphics Options

    • PC players can now perfect the game's graphics options for their unique setup, with finer control over graphic fidelity and performance. 19659120] Many video and graphical options such as resolution, v-sync, and window mode can now be changed without restarting the game.
    • Players with multiple GPUs can now choose which one is used from the Video Options menu.

    Extended Controller Support

    • On the PC, the complete set of game actions is assigned, and all controller inputs are now removable via Steam and OpenVR.
    • Any generic controller, including those designed for physical access, may be inherently bound by game Controls, without the need for third-party removal software.
    • Official binders are provided for DualShock 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Steam Controllers.
    • Please Note: Any existing custom binding s will need to be updated after updating to Beyond.


    • Seats can be seated now.

    Virtual Reality

    • No Man's Sky is now fully played in virtual reality.
    • Many contacts are already seated. given special VR-only options, including: handling plants and other collectables with your hands; physical opening of cockpits of ships and exocrafts; pilot the stars directly on a VR stick / throttle; and punching things to cause harm.
    • Special VR menus were introduced: including controlling Multi-Tool options through a menu embedded in Multi-Tool in-world; and quick menu and inventory browsing through a personal wrist mounted display.

    OpenGL Graphics and Performance

    • was replaced by Vulkan. Many players, especially players with AMD graphics cards, should see a performance improvement.
    • Significant optimization in asteroid generation.
    • Significant optimizations on planet generation.
    • Improved loading times.
    • Reduced memory usage throughout the game in general.
    • Significant optimizations in cloud and terrain shaders.
    • Significant optimization in LODing system animation.
    • Added level-specification mesh optimization level
    • Significant optimization for large bases.
    • Modified support of HDR, updated output curve consistent with advancements in HDR calibration.
    • Adaptive and Triple-Buffered V-Sync is now selected from Graphics Options. [19659146] Players with more than one GPU can now choose which one is used from the Video Options.
    • Many graphics settings no longer require a restart to be applied.
    • The & # 39; LOADING SHADERS & # 39; l removes the oad step, improves the loading experience.

    Controls and Options

    • Added support for the full outbreak of PC controls via Steam and OpenVR. players.
    • Added options to disable vignette and scanning effects.
    • Added the option to remove the touch buttons and make all non-destructive clicks instant.

    The Space Anomaly

    • Added the ability to summon Space Anomaly to your location from anywhere in space.
    • Significantly expanded and reproduced by the Space Anomaly.
    • The Space Anomaly serves as a hub, bringing all Travelers aboard regardless of their physical location to the universe.
    • Removed orbs from the game and replaced them with a full simulation of other players, met with delight as you explored.
    • The network player cap is raised between 8 and 32 depending on the plat form and current location.
    • Added a new teleporter to Space Anomaly. This teleporter allows players to visit the base of any other player currently in the Anomaly with them, as well as highlighting highlights from the community.
    • Multiplayer mission option transferred to Nexus, a new hub in the Space Anomaly. 19659162] Added an interface for quickly finding other players to join Multiplayer missions.
    • Added many new types of Multiplayer missions.
    • Automatic chat messages are broadcast when performing actions in the game, including making discoveries, attacking pirates, installing tech, performing acts, and fighting off biological horrors.
    • Multiplayer missions are now warp players directly to the mission location as they leave the Space Anomaly.
    • Added ability to display a custom player banner, customizable with the Appearance Modifier.
    • Players' tombs in Multiplayer games can reset the current player's system when returning to a single player.
    • A new save icon is used in multiplayer until it is very lightweight while progress is saved, the current player position is not.
    • Story missions are organized to include Nada and Polo's journey to Artemis's story.
    • Added new story content for Nada and Polo.
    • Tutorial made and much of the game's early mission flow.
    • Added new and unique visuals for new NPCs aboard the Space Anomaly.
    • Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly that will convert a different product for nanites each day. [19659174] Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly that will facilitate milestone development for nanites.
    • Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly that will exchange different categories of discovery data for nanites each day.

    User Interface

    • Added a tech-style style display for all technologies, products and other recipes available in the game. rchase new technologies with nanites.
    • Adjusted HUD visuals and gesture markers for improved clarity and consistency.
    • Some HUD icons are now shrinking to reduce visual noise.
    • Adjusted the behavior of compass markers while onboard to better reflect the reality of 3D space navigation.
    • Improved UI for comparison and purchase of ships, Multi-Tools and freighters.
    • Added warning when trying to change stars if you still have cargo aboard your old ship. [19659184] Enhanced inventory page, including making sub-categories of inventory more transparent.
    • Changed text scrolling to a whole outline rather than a bounce.
    • Reduced flowering rate in cases that caused photosensitivity issues.
    • Refiner output Readings are updated correctly when multiple sources are added to an input space.
    • Improved the visual style and clarity of Buy / Sell filters on trade screens.
    • Improved icons used to display class o f ship, Multi-Tool, and other items for sale.
    • Updated the & # 39; Summon Vehicles & # 39; in the Quick Menu.
    • The icons for calling other ships in your collection now accurately reflect the appearance of those ships.
    • Significant improvements to the chat box, including the ability to choose whether messages are sent to your group or the entire system.
    • Transferred components, products and technologies in their own & # 39; Catalog & # 39 ;, separate from the Guide.
    • Guide entries added for many new features.
    • Catalog sizes increased.
    • Improved appearance of dialog / NPC speech UI.
    • Mission notifications / goals are no longer hidden by the build menu, inventory or refiner screen.
    • Added a new mission notification style that provides more context to complex mission steps.
    • The Galaxy Map has been completely overhauled for clarity and visual style.

    NPCs and Interactions

    • NPCs can now walk around their environments and interact with environmental elements.
    • Player localization is more responsive when running.
    • Players can now sit in chairs.
    • Improved camera handling when sitting in a confined area.
    • NPCs will respond to actions performed by the player.
    • NPCs occasionally browse holographic creatures, ships and more on their handheld devices.
    • Added all new NPC interactions to planet saving sites.
    • Added all new NPC contacts to
    • All factory and monolith contacts are significantly reworked.
    • Changed the order of rewards for factory interactions to allow players to choose which product recipe they want to know.
    • Added a set of biome-specific interactions for NPCs in planetary systems.
    • NPC pilots have now boarded their ships when landing at the Space Stations and Trade Outpost. [19659214] NPCs can now choose a seat to sit down, sit down for a while, then move on with their day.
    • Occasionally the Geks would bend their legs while sitting.
    • NPC's range of moods and animations was expanded.
    • Added richness of textual interactions with additional audio, color and NPC animations.
    • Added different text printing speeds for each foreign race, giving them their own style of & # 39; speaking & # 39;.
    • Added an opportunity for NPCs guests to visit Space The stations, for example the occasional Korvax may be found in the Space Station by a Vy & # 39; keen system.
    • The Trade Outpost is treated as a building (for the purposes of providing risk protection), but performs a proper external audio environment. [19659221] AutoTranslator technologies were added to Exosuit that allow random words to be translated without being permanently locked.
    • Fixed an issue where} foreign speech brackets appear in a new line themselves.
    • Alien words are grouped together to prevail. ent learning words very similar to those already known (e.g. interloper / interlopers).
    • Foreign language studies have been overhauled. Players can direct the language acquisition flow when interacting with NPCs.
    • Players can practice using the words they know when speaking in foreign forms and observing the results.


    • Base Building Menu Rated: Improved visual clarity. ; improved usability; and allows faster access to components, including increasing capabilities for components that are in more than one group.
    • Day / night cycles were determined and synced between players.
    • Significant improvements were made to the base part of the snapping system, allowing for faster and more convenient building.
    • Added a new photo-mode camera building style to allow easier placement of complex structures.
    • Some parts of the base have been added.
    • Added ability to rotate some base components around more than one axis.
    • Added new generation base components: Biofuel Reactors, Solar Panels, Electromagnetic Generators and Batteries. Each offers a different way to generate power for your base.
    • Added wiring, allowing you to connect parts of the base that require power to your generators.
    • Inalis ang manu-manong fueling ng maraming mga teknolohiya ng base at pinalitan ito ng mga kinakailangan sa grid.
    • Nagdagdag ng mga kinakailangan ng kuryente sa mga umiiral na bahagi tulad ng mga ilaw.
    • Nagdagdag ng isang saklaw ng mga lohika at switch, na nagpapahintulot para sa malikhaing kontrol ng mga pinalakas na bahagi.
    • Nagdagdag ng bagong malakihang mga bahagi ng mineral at gas extractor base. [19659239] Nagdagdag ng mga pipeline ng mineral / gas, na nagpapahintulot sa mga manlalaro na kumonekta sa kanilang mga bagong extractor sa mga malalayong depot para sa kadalian ng koleksyon. at mga electromagnetic generators.
    • Nasaksak ang simulation ng gravity, pagpapabuti ng karanasan sa mga patay na planeta.
    • Idinagdag ang Mga Short-Range Teleporters. Ang mga pad na ito ay maaaring mailagay sa paligid ng iyong base at wired upang lumikha ng isang network ng malapit-instant na transportasyon.
    • Pinahusay na pamamahala ng mga pagpipilian sa base kapag nakikipag-ugnay sa base computer, kabilang ang pagpapabuti ng kakayahang kumuha ng mga screenshot ng base. [19659244] Nagdagdag ng kakayahang mag-jetpack habang nakabukas ang Build Menu.
    • Pinahusay ang visual effects ng Terrain Manipulator.
    • Pinag-isa ang pag-andar ng Module ng Mensahe at ang Station Station at idinagdag ang isang bagong natatanging art asset.
    • Nagdagdag ng maraming mga bagong piraso ng bubong, na nagpapahintulot sa mga manlalaro na makumpleto ang kumpletong mga sloping roof.
    • Nagdagdag ng mga bagong pinto na may laki ng exocraft na maaaring pinalakas upang buksan at isara nang awtomatiko habang papalapit ka.
    • Nagdagdag ng mga bagong nakakabagay na props, kasama ang napapasadyang mga light box at audio dalas ng mga generator.
    • Nagdagdag ng isang pinalakas na Sphere Generator na nagpapahintulot sa mga manlalaro na makabuo ng malalaking mga palipat-lipat na mga spheres.
    • Pinahusay ang mga visual effects kapag nagtatayo ng mga bahagi ng bahagi at teknolohiya. [1 9659252] Ang Pag-aayos ng Bug

    • Nadagdagan ang pagpapahintulot ng mga barkong negosyante na lumahok sa isang freight battle kaya hindi nila iniuulat ang masayang sunog bilang isang krimen maliban kung ang pagbaril ay nakamamatay.
    • Naayos ang isang isyu kung saan ang mga drone ng Sentinel ay maipit kapag nag-scan ng isang player na pumapasok at lumabas ng kanilang barko.
    • Naayos ang isang isyu kung saan ang modelo ng ikatlong tao player ay hindi kailanman tumingin nang diretso sa camera.
    • Naayos ang isang isyu kung saan ang audio ng pag-ulan ng barko ay nilalaro kapag hindi umuulan. [19659257] Ang idinagdag na nilalang ay tunog sa mga kakaibang biome na nilalang.
    • Naayos ang isang isyu na glitch ng Multi-Tool kapag pinaputok ang Beam ng Pagmimina mula sa sheathed sa unang tao.
    • Baguhin ang mga nagbubuklod na numero ng Asyano upang maging tamang format.
    • Naayos ang isang isyu kung saan ang bituin ay maaaring lumilitaw na lumulutang sa itaas ng lupain kung ang player ay spawned sa isang mahabang distansya mula sa barko.
    • Naayos ang isang bilang ng mga item sa pagkopya ng duplication.
    • Ayusin ang para sa starship HUD na binabasa ang 'Buwan ng Hindi Kilalang Planet' kapag t kilala siya ng planeta.
    • Ang Mining Beam ngayon ang tamang kulay kapag na-upgrade na may module ng pag-upgrade ng pamamaraan.
    • Naayos ang isang isyu kung saan ang mga maling epekto ng mga particle ay kung minsan ay ginagamit kapag binaril ang Sentinel Quadrupeds.
    • Ang iba't ibang mga pag-aayos ng teksto.

    Pagtuklas at Paggalugad

    • Nasaksihan ang Visor ng Pagsusuri. Ang pag-scan ng flora, fauna at mineral ay hindi na awtomatikong nagsisimula, ngunit nagsisimula kapag ang player ay may hawak na isang pindutan habang tinitingnan ang may-katuturang bagay.
    • Sa VR, ang Analysis Visor ay nagiging Pagsusuri ng Mode. Ang mga object ay na-scan sa pamamagitan ng pagpuntirya sa kanila gamit ang Multi-Tool.
    • Ang mga Custom Marker na inilagay mula sa Analysis Visor ay naghuhulog ngayon ng isang pisikal na bagay sa lokasyon ng marker.
    • Makabuluhang na-overhaul ang Pahina ng Discovery upang magpakita ng isang graphic na representasyon ng system. pati na rin isara ang mga 3D na representasyon ng lahat ng mga pagtuklas at mahabang mga entry sa teksto para sa fauna.
    • Ginawa ang mga butterflies at iba pang lumilipad na nilalang na mas madaling i-scan kasama ang Analysis Visor.
    • Nagdagdag ng isang bagong hanay ng mga bihirang makulay na mga palette ng kulay para sa mga malagong planeta. .
    • Ang mga marker ng nilalang sa Pagsusuri ng Visor ay ipinapakita ngayon kung gaano kalayo ang nilalang.
    • Naayos ang isang isyu kung saan ang mga nilalang ay hindi kailanman mag-i-poop sa sandaling sila ay natakot ng isang mandaragit.
    • Ang mga nilalang ng Predator ay hindi na target at umaatake sa mga manlalaro. kapag sila ay nasa isang pakikipag-ugnay.
    • Ang mga nilalang ay hindi na aatake ng mga manlalaro na nasa kanilang mga barko.
    • Pinahusay ang kalinawan at pagpapakita ng mga icon ng babala sa mga mandaragit o galit na nilalang.
    • Ayusin para sa b iological horrors hindi naglalaro ng kanilang mga epekto sa kamatayan para sa mga manlalaro ng network.
    • Ayusin ang para sa hindi tamang antas ng fauna na ipinapakita sa Pagsusuri ng Visor.
    • Ang idinagdag na marker ng nilalang upang ipakita ang kanilang kasalukuyang estado ng kaisipan.
    • Nagdagdag ng mga bagong ligaw na halaman sa lahat ng mga biomes.
    • Nagdagdag ng kakayahang magluto ng mga produktong halaman at hayop sa isang Proseso ng Nutrient upang makabuo ng isang iba't ibang uri ng pagkain. Naranasan ng mga kumbinasyon upang lumikha ng natatangi at kumplikadong mga foodstuff.
    • Ang pagkain ng pagkain ay nagbibigay ng tulong sa iyong buhay na suporta.
    • Nagdagdag ng mga produktong pain, nilikha sa Proseso ng Nutrient, na nagpapahintulot sa mga nilalang na maani para sa mga produktong pagkain. Ang mga pag-scan ng mga nilalang upang malaman ang kanilang mga kagustuhan sa pain.
    • Pinapayagan din ng pagpatay na mga nilalang ang pag-aani ng maraming mga bagong produkto ng pagkain.
    • Nagdagdag ng isang NPC sa Space Anomaly na hahatulan ang kakayahan ng pagluluto ng manlalaro.
    • Renamed Coprite to Faecium. 19659288] Nagdagdag ng kompas at mga icon ng HUD sa mga deposito ng Faecium.
    • Pinahusay ang mga visual ng mga deposito ng Faceium.
    • Nagdagdag ng isang batayang bahagi na maakit ang mga nilalang sa iyong base at awtomatikong pakainin ang mga ito.
    • Nagdagdag ng isang batayang bahagi na awtomatikong. extract milk and other relevant resources from nearby creatures that are ready to be harvested.
    • Throwing bait can attract a large number of creatures to one location.
    • Throwing specialist carnivore bait can distract and placate angry or predatory creatures.[19659294]Creatures that have been tamed by supplying their desired bait can be ridden. Creatures will still attempt to go about their own business, but their routines can be shaped by their rider.
    • Upper body gestures may be used when seated or riding a creature.
    • The Nutrient Processor and the Portable Refiner now display a marker when they are not placed within a base.

    Visual Polish

    • Nada and Polo now use a larger range of animations.
    • Improved the visuals for the Space Station entrance beam.
    • Entirely reworked and expanded the cockpits of all ships.
    • Increased the amount by which you can look around the starship cockpit.
    • Added fully modelled cockpits / interiors for all the Exocraft and the Nautilon Submarine.
    • Starship exteriors can now be seen while inside the starship.
    • Improved the particle effects for the Scatter Blaster and the Blaze Javelin.
    • Increased the scale of starships. Landing pads and docking areas across the galaxy have been expanded to cope with the new larger ships. As a result, landing pads in existing bases have been refunded.
    • Improved the visual detail on fighters, haulers and shuttles.
    • Added ramps to the front of the Space Station balcony platforms.
    • Fixed a number of issues where trees and rocks could not be run over by Exocraft.
    • Trade Outposts now have ladders to climb up to the platform.

    Quality of Life

    • The Exosuit torch can now be turned on whatever the time of day.
    • While the Pulse Engine is engaged, the central ship screen now displays a clearer message about fuel use.
    • Technology can now be installed in stages, allowing incomplete tech to be placed in an inventory and its individual components added over time.
    • Technology can now be moved after installation.
    • Significantly overhauled the system for pinning instructions for building technologies, products and base parts.
    • Added the ability to pin a substance and receive directions for where to fi nd it.
    • Removed the Advanced Mining Laser requirement from large trees on lush planets.
    • Added an Antimatter Reactor base part that generates antimatter over time.
    • Added specific efficient Starshield Batteries for use in starship combat.
    • Added ‘Warp Hypercores’, a large hyperdrive fuel unit with five times the capacity of a regular Warp Cell.
    • Increased the base mining speed of the Mining Beam.
    • Fixed a bug that caused resource notifications to stack up while playing without the HUD.
    • Reduced the length of time resource notifications are displayed when you have multiple resources stacked up.
    • Added alerts when new items are encountered or recorded to the Catalogue.
    • Added the Optical Drill, a Mining Beam upgrade that increases the resources gained from mining.
    • Added the Launch System Recharger, a starship upgrade that automatically recharges the Launch Thrusters over time.
    • Added an extra sl o t to the starting Multi-Tool.
    • When installing an upgrade module, the correct inventory is automatically selected.
    • Adjusted the probabilities of low, medium and high security planets in Normal Mode.
    • Adjusted the timers of Sentinel patrols on lower security planets.
    • In normal mode, allowed some planets to never spawn Sentinel drones.
    • Added a chance to collect geodes when mining rocks or asteroids. Geodes can be analysed to extract large quantities of substances.
    • Increased the base speed of all Refiner units.
    • In normal mode, increased the slot storage limit for substances from 250 to 10,000.
    • Increased the wealth levels at which higher tiers of pirates will attack.
    • Increased the base energy levels of the Mining Beam and the Terrain Manipulator, allowing for less frequent recharging.
    • Replaced the ‘Find specific building’ component of the Signal Booster with a system of planetary charts. Acquire planetary charts from Space Station Cartographers.
    • Navigation Data can be traded for planetary charts. Collect Navigation Data when saving and charting at waypoints and save beacons.
    • Using the Terrain Manipulator to mine basic ground will award silicate powder, which can be used to refine glass.
    • Added a note on the interaction label of NPCs that have already been visited.
    • When craftable products are the current mission objective, they are automatically pushed to the top of the product list.
    • Adjusted the frequency of rare asteroids.
    • When buying a freighter, it now comes with some basic cargo already in the inventory.
    • Increased the minimum speed while in space combat, creating better combat handling in most conditions.
    • Increased the maximum speed while flying in space.
    • Added a degree of roll when banking in planetary flight.
    • The warning triangle in the cockpit is no longer displayed when the Pulse Engine is not being requested.
    • Added a cockpit throttle indicator to show current thrust settings.[19659349]The ‘Shields Down’ message is no longer displayed when claiming an abandoned ship.
    • The ‘How to land the ship’ notification no longer displays immediately after planetary takeoff.
    • When charging the Pulse Engine, the current autopilot target marker is now highlighted.
    • Missions now add hints to highlight the relevant items in the build and crafting menus.
    • Inventory popups are now closed automatically if you click outside of them.
    • Tweaked the weighting of mission selection in the mission board to give a better range of available missions.
    • Increased the likelihood of procedural upgrade modules being relevant to the player’s current tech setup.
    • Added several new environmental protection Exosuit upgrades.
    • Ammunition is automatically promoted to the top of the crafting list if players try to reload but have no available ammo.
    • Increased the default stack size for Ammunition.
    • The Mining Beam n ow has a much higher base heat capacity.
    • Reworked the Mining Beam overheat mechanic: the beam now cools down correctly rather than instantly resetting; the Mining Beam does more damage as it approaches max heat; the Mining Beam changes color as it approaches max heat.
    • Innes has walked over 1400 miles. His journey continues.

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