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November Upcoming Event? Everything Apple Did Not Announce at the October Event

Apple has been holding events in September and October so far, first focusing on the Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air and then the new iPhone 12 models and the HomePod mini. There are still a few products Apple expects to launch before the end of the year, so will we see an event in November?

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From AirPods Studio to an Arm-based Silicon Mac, there are still new devices we can see this year. Below, we outline rumored products that did not appear at the October event.

AirPods Studio

Apple plans to add high-end over-ear “AirPods Studio”

; headphones to its AirPods lineup, and some rumors suggest it may be a product ready to go and set to launch before the end of 2020 .

There is speculation that ‌AirPods Studio‌ will appear at the event in October, but a massive leak outlining what we will see at the event does not include ‌AirPods Studio‌, so we ended up knowing that it was not expected.

Both ‌AirPods‌ and AirPods Pro will be launched in the coming months of the year, so there is still a good chance we will get new headphones this year. Predictably priced starting at $ 350, ‌AirPods Studio‌ will feature a Noise Cancellation Act and a Retro-style design that may involve both a premium model made from high-quality materials and a sport-focused model made from airy, lightweight weighted materials.

‌AirPods Studio‌ can feature magnetic ear cups and headband padding that can be replaced for a customizable look, similar to Apple Watch bands, and may have nice features like ear detection so there is no right or left side when wearing headphones.

The launch date of 2020 is not a sure thing, as there is some mixed information suggesting that irAirPods Studio‌ may not be ready for launch, so it is not clear what will happen.

We’ve been hearing rumors about Apple’s Bluetooth-based item trackers for over a year, and it hasn’t been a clear launch timeline. It makes sense to expose AirTags next to new iPhones given interoperability between them, but that did not happen.

If you live under a rock and are not familiar with ‌AirTags‌, they are Apple’s Tile version. ‌AirTags‌ are small Bluetooth-based item trackers that you can attach to important but easily lost items, allowing ‌AirTags‌ (and the items) to track right within the Find My app next to your Apple devices.

There is no guarantee that ‌AirTags‌ will launch in 2020, so there is a chance we will not see them this year. In fact, leaker Jon Prosser, who has a mixed track record when it comes to reporting on Apple plans, recently said that ‌AirTags‌ will not arrive until March 2021. Prosser added that the headphones of ‌AirPods Studio‌ was really pushed, so Apple just debuted ‌AirTags‌. Due to the very mixed information, we will wait to see what ends with the launch.

Recent speculation suggests that Apple probably has the ‌AirTags go ready to go quite a bit (hence the code was found in earlier versions of iOS 13), but they were prevented from allowing item manufacturers third-party trackers develop their own solutions incorporated using the ‌Find My‌ app in an effort to prevent antitrust allegations. Since the ‌AirTags‌ rumors first came out, Tile was not happy because a better Apple designed Bluetooth tracker integrated right into the ‌Find My‌ app has the potential to tank the Tile business.

Apple Silicon Macs

Apple itself has said that the first Mac with an Apple Silicon chip will arrive before the end of 2020, so we can expect at least one Mac launch in November or December.

There is no word yet on exactly which Mac will get an Apple Silicon chip first, but based on rumors, candidates include a new MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Air, a revived 12-inch MacBook, or a new 24-inch iMac.

Apple is working on a modified 14-inch MacBook that will resemble a 16-inch MacBook and a redesigned 24-inch ‌iMac‌ to replace the 21.5-inch ‌iMac‌, and the launch of both of these significant redesigns will would be a perfect time to release the fresh new chips designed by Apple.

Whatever comes first on the Mac, Apple is shifting its entire lineup to ‌Apple Silicon‌ chips, a process that is expected to last a year. By the end of 2021, Apple may be close to sinking all Macs using Intel chips. We may not be able to expect ‌AirPods Studio‌ or ‌AirTags‌ for sure, but new Macs are definitely coming.

Apple TV

Like ‌AirTags‌, rumors about a next-generation Apple TV are floating around for months, if not years. We have not had a new version of ‌Apple TV‌ since 2017, and we have been late for an update.

Apple is said to be working on many ‌Apple TV‌ set-top boxes, including one with an A14X chip that offers console-like performance. There are also rumors of a new ‌Apple TV‌ remote with ‌Find My‌ integration so that it does not disappear.

No ‌Apple TV‌ appeared at Apple’s October event, and it looks like we won’t see it as a potential November event either. According to a report in August from Bloomberg, a new ‌Apple TV‌ may not be ready to launch until sometime in 2021.

November Event?

There is a chance that Apple may have a third event in November to showcase new products because ‌Apple Silicon‌ Macs at a minimum are event-worthy devices. Of course, there is no guarantee so far, as devices on the horizon can also be released via a press release.

Predict the prediction of a possible event date in November. November 3 is election day in the United States, November 11 is Veterans Day, and November 26 is Thanksgiving in the United States with Apple giving all corporate employees last week. If Apple has an event, we can get invitations in the first week of November with an event taking place on November 9 or 10 before Veterans Day.

A recent rumor suggested that Apple was actually planning an ‌Apple Silicon‌ event for November 17, so that could be when we see an announcement instead. That date is close to Thanksgiving a week later, but Apple doesn’t have many options in the month of November.

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