Starting this month, Pixel owners will get an additional sound option that controls how their phones behave when a call enters. Awkwardly defined by Google as a sleek ringer feature, it lets the phone vibrate for a few seconds before the ringtone volume rises in a more powerful fashion.

XDA found during a teardown of the APK in the summer, the sleek ringer feature is expected to be part of the Pixel 4 launch in October. As the new Law feature will eventually be available on other Pixel phones a month later, so will the ramping ringer, along with numerous reports coming from OG Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4 owners. 1

9659003] Screenshots taken from my Pixel 3a.

New feature can be found in Settings > Sounds > Vibrate for calls . With the "Vibrate first then ring slowly" option, the phone will start responding to calls by vibrating for about five seconds before slowly raising the ringtone for a period of 10. seconds. The level of ascent volume does not exceed the maximum ring size set by the user.