In the most exciting change since being acquired by a public media consortium last year, the Pocket Casts podcast app makes Android and iOS apps free. Most features, including dark theming, cross-platform syncing, silence removal, and variable-speed playback are available to all users. Other facets, including the PC app, are available for a monthly or annual fee.

The iOS app is priced at $ 5.99 while the Android app is marked at $ 3.99. From now on, new users will pay nothing to download the app. In exchange for zeroing in on the cost upfront, the company introduced Pocket Casts Plus, a subscription service that costs either 99 cents a month or $ 1

0 a year.

Plus Plus will give users access to macOS, Windows, and web apps, cloud hosting, and exclusive apps and themes. Those who spend $ 9 for desktop apps will get 3 months years (!) Of Plus for free.

Pocket Casts frames this change in the revenue model as a reflection of how its co-owners – NPR, WBEZ Chicago, WNYC Studios, and This American Life – operate: provide a free service with access to several perks through a seasonal subscription.

NPR, in particular, has seen explosive growth in its podcast ad revenue. Currently, a public media trade magazine, reports that the broadcaster expects to make nearly $ 62 million by 2020 from its podcast and digital properties, up 15% from what it expects to do this year.

The changes – which also include the ability to play local audio and video files within the app – are coming in an upcoming update.

  Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
  Pocket Casts - Podcast Player


The claimed podcasting app now offers its premium features at no cost , while releasing Pocket Casts Plus for listeners who want more customization and flexibility

NEW YORK – Sept. 18, 2019 – From now on, fans of podcasts around the world can download the critically acclaimed podcast app, Pocket Casts, for free. Known for its sleek design and robust range of controls, Pocket Casts makes the full range of existing premium features available for free. Power users looking for more customization, however, can upgrade to Pocket Casts Plus for $ 0.99 per month or $ 10 per year. With these changes, Pocket Casts is more closely aligned with the open access model of public media ownership. "Pocket Casts is built for podcast fans, through podcast fans. Since we launched in 2010, we have been obsessed with user experience and continue to deliver powerful and easy-to-use features in the most passionate ways. fans of the medium, "said Pocket Casts CEO Owen Grover. "In today's fast-paced audio landscape, it's important that we stand for free and open access – not walled gardens – to grow the medium while delivering the best listening experience in the world."

The free version of Pocket Casts continues to add new features, as well as retain all existing features that listeners know and love including:

  • Discovery: easy to find podcasts, publishers, and hosts or dives deeper into episode search
  • Audio effects: Playback at variable speeds like 2X or 3X and trim silence
  • Organization: created custom filters to arrange episodes based on different parameters
  • Design: choose from light, dark or AMOLED-friendly dark themes and icons [19659014] Playback: play individual episodes with or without subscription, file downloads automatically and before this update: play local audio and video files
  • Cross-platform sync: pi ck up exactly where you quit on another device thanks to seamless integration across iOS and Android; Amazon Echo; Sonos; Chromecast; Airplay, Apple Watch, Carplay and Android Auto

For power listeners looking for more control, Pocket Casts Plus offers:

  • Desktop apps including macOS, Windows and Web apps [19659021] Cloud storage for creators and listeners who want to use Pocket Casts for all their audio and video files
  • Exclusive theme and theme icons

Listeners currently using iOS or Android mobile app will not experience any changes. All existing features, including the new functionality, will be available with the latest update. Those who previously purchased the Pocket Casts & # 39; desktop app will receive three free years of Pocket Casts Plus.

In May of 2018, Pocket Casts was purchased by NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago and This American Life . which accounts for nearly 200M podcast downloads each month. These public media giants have acquired Pocket Casts to present their shared vision: to reach a new generation of listeners while providing the best experience for audio storytellers to connect with their listeners.

"Pocket Casts is my favorite podcast app, and not just because it belongs to public radio stations," says Ira Glass, producer and host of This American Life . " It's really the best. Easy to navigate, small podcast logos that you move to sort your favorites, quick access at 1.5 speeds when I listen to The Daily- day or Fresh Air or, frankly, most of all. I recommend it to friends. Glad to hear that it's going to be free! "

For the creators of the podcast, the announcement features how Pocket Casts focuses on growing the medium and bringing the best listening experience to both new and existing podcast fans.

Hailed as the best podcast app for iOS and Android by The Verge Wired Engadget and Lifehacker among others, Pocket Casts has over 700K podcasts and is available in 155 countries.