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Rand Paul Goes to War with Ana Navarro in & # 39; The View & # 39 ;: & # 39; Don't Mansplain! & # 39;

Meghan McCain skipped Sen's appearance. Rand Paul (R-KY) on The View Friday morning – citing "personal reasons" – does not accuse the GOP senator of having "blood on his hands" of Kurdish in Syria the day before.

In his place was frequent guest of host Ana Navarro, whoopi Goldberg mentioned at the top of the show filling in for both McCain and Joy Behar. "One for the price of two," joked the Republican strategist.

Paul was very good at the show to promote his new book, entitled 19009003] The Case Against Socialism but they began to interview his support for President Donald Trump's controversial decision to let Turkey to eliminate America's allies. in Syria.

Sporting a white turtleneck and blue plaid jacket, Paul compared Trump to former President Barack Obama, arguing that both men knew that "we suspected, that the Iraq War was a mistake," adding, "if if anything, Syria is more complicated "than Iraq.

In an attempt to master the abstract theory of the cost of war, Goldberg asked him, "Sorry, so if you have allies and they work with you and fight with you, and for 24 that time, someone woke up and said, 'No. We're out,' is the right way to do this? 'When he started to answer another question, he repeated, "No, no, is that the right way to do it? "

When Paul said never to be in Syria" in the first place, "Gold shot," That's not the question. Everything's fine, but we are there. " of the senator "the left" agreeing with him on regime change, Goldberg told him, "I'm not left or right, I'm just American. And I want to know, should we walk with them? ”

As the rest of the co-hosts began to jump into the conversation, Paul got worse. "There is a difference in having a strategy and leaving the Kurds there to die, where they are today," Abby Huntsman told him. "They were left there to die. And now this is the problem of the GOP."

At the time Navarro was speaking, he urged Paul to defend America "breaking our word to the allies," asking, "What message does the international send to other allies if we renounce them? "

" The only duty we owe, and the only oath I make is in the Constitution, "Paul replied." I do not promise to take the country to war, I promise not to take the country to war. . President Trump did the same. "He added," Anyone trying to make the argument that someone in Syria is a danger to our country, is ignored. "

" Well, I think Assad is in Syria and a danger to our country and the world! "Navarro responded before Paul tried to explain the" very complicated "Middle East on the panel, shouting," Don't interfere! "when Huntsman tried to get a word out. Goldberg threw the commercial away.

Tensions only leaked after the break when staff began talking to Paul about his book. Again, it was Navarro got under Paul's skin by asking if he thought it was "fair" for Trump and the Republican Party to run ads saying, "If you vote for Democrats, they'll back the United States in Venezuela. "[1

9659002]" So, if you vote for a socialist, you can get socialism, "replied Paul with a smirk.

" Come on, don't do that! "Said Navarro. Maduro was not a socialist. He is a corrupt, deadly wart who is starving his people. "When Paul denied those facts, Navarro added," Isn't that true? Is Maduro not a thug and murderer who starves his people? ”

As Paul attempts to discuss his point, Navarro exploits him," I will not let you finish. If you say Maduro is not a deadly thug, I will not let you finish because it is a lie! "While Goldberg was trying to finish the segment, Paul literally wiped his hands on Navarro's face.

"Don't do this to me, don't plan," he told her. "I'm a 47 year old girl!"

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