LOS ANGELES – Robert Forster, the handsome and well-known character of the actor who won a resurgent career and Oscar nomination for playing bailman Max Cherry in "Jackie Brown," dies this Friday. She was 78.

Publicist Kathie Berlin said Forster died of brain cancer following a brief illness. She is home in Los Angeles, surrounded by family, including her four children and partner Denise Grayson.

The solos were released Friday night on social media. a tweet. The two met in the 1980 movie "Alligator" and then teamed up again with the television show "Breaking Bad" and its spinoff film, "El Camino," which premiered Friday on Netflix.

"I have never forgotten how kind and generous he was to a young kid just starting out in Hollywood," Cranston wrote.

His "Jackie Brown" co-star Samuel L. Jackson tweeted that Forster was "a true class act / actor !!"

A native of Rochester, New York, Forster actually literally stumbling upon acting when in college, aspiring to become a lawyer, he followed a fellow female student he was trying to talk to in an auditorium where "Bye Bye Birdie" auditions were held. She will be cast in the show, whose fellow students will be her husband in which she has three daughters, and this will start her on a new trajectory as an actress. Dally Have a Lover "put her on Darryl Zanuck's radar, signing her to a studio contract. She was about to make the debut of John Huston's 1967 film" Reflections in a Golden Eye, "starring by Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor.

Forster will star in Chicago's documentary and documentary-style classic "Medium Cool" and the detailed television series "Banyon." This is an early point he will say eventually the beginning of a "27-year slowdown."

He continued to work throughout the 1970s and 1980s on almost forgotten B-movies – eventually appearing in over 100 films, many in need. [19659006] "I have four kids, I get whatever job I can get," he said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune last year. "Whenever it reached a lower level I thought I could tolerate it, it dropped a little more, and then more. Towards the end, I had no agent, no manager, no lawyer, nothing. I take whatever falls into the cracks. "

It was Quentin Tarantino's 1997 film" Jackie Brown "that brought him back to the map. Tarantino created the role of Max Cherry in Forster's mind – the actor was unsuccessfully auditioned for a part in "Reservoir Dogs," but the director promises not to forget her.

In an interview with Fandor last year, Forster recalled that when shown in the script for "Jackie Brown," he told Tarantino, " I'm sure they won't let you hire me. "

Tarantino replied:" I hire whoever I want. "

" And that's when I realized I could get another shot at a career. , "Forster said." He gave me a career and the last 14 years have been incredible. "The gold statue of Robin Williams, who won that year for" Good Will Hunting, has finally disappeared. " . "

After" Jackie Brown, "she was always working and at a crucial level than during the "slump," appearing in films such as David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive," "" Me, Myself and Irene, "" The Descendants, "" Olympus Has Fallen, " and "What's There," and on television shows like "Breaking Bad" and the "Twin Peaks" revival. He said he wanted to try out comedy as Tim Allen's dad in "Last Man Standing."

He will also appear later this year in the Apple + Steven Spielberg series "Amazing Stories."

Even in his down days, Forster always considered himself lucky.

"You learn to do any job there and do your best with whatever you get. And anyone in any walk of life, if they can figure that out, is better off than those who can't stand to take picture that doesn't pay you back or is not as good as the last, "he told IndieWire in 2011." Perspective is everything. "

Forster is survived by his four children, four grandchildren and Grayson, his partner of 16 years.


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