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Samsung laughed at Apple’s 5G move although the US firm may get the last laugh

To your knowledge, Apple has decided not to include the power adapter and the wired EarPods in the box with the new 5G iPhone 12 models. The same is the case with older iPhone models still on sale including the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE (2020). Apple claims that this is being done as a step to protect the environment because making fewer adapters will reduce the amount of carbon emissions equal to the amount saved by getting 450,000 cars off the roads in a single year. It will also allow Apple to reduce the size of the boxes where the iPhones are packaged. This will result in 70% more product fit on a single pallet.

Samsung is joking with Apple but leaving room for Apple to get revenge

Apple has already produced more than 2 billion electric bricks in recent years with 700 million wired EarPods. Those who are skeptical about everything can say that Apple is doing this to generate sales of new power adapters and EarPods. Heck, some consumers may switch to wireless AirPods instead (the price is higher than EarPods). Even with Apple cutting the price of the new 20W charger and EarPods from $ 1
0 to $ 19, the truth is that Apple is willing to make it a good deal of money for them because most Apple fans will buy a new one. charger and pair of EarPods still, even if they have old ones lying around.

Samsung has decided to take this opportunity to ridicule Apple for removing two accessories from the iPhone box. On Facebook, Samsung posted a photo of a Galaxy Power Adapter stating that the accessory is “included in your Galaxy.” But Samsung may end up eating its words. In the summer, Sammy speculated about shipping the Galaxy S21 series without a power brick. At that time, Samsung said that like Apple, it shipped a lot of chargers without having to include the new one in the box. And this isn’t the first time Samsung has removed its tongue from Apple just to bite it.
In 2016, rumors mill that Apple removed the 3.5mm earphone port from the iPhone 7, but before that series was introduced, Samsung used the release of the Galaxy Note 7 to take some shots with Apple. Leading Samsung Product and Marketing Strategy Justin Denison, who talked about the Galaxy Note 7, said, “Do you know what else is included? An audio jack. I’m just saying.” Of course, Apple got the last laugh when the Galaxy Note 7 ended up being a great tool for making smores. And not too long after that, Samsung followed Apple and lowered the 3.5mm port before returning it to some models.

Samsung has surpassed the 3.5mm jack with today’s Facebook post. We continue to hear over the summer that Apple will include a 120Hz refresh rate on some of the new phones. This seems reasonable because the ProMotion display of the iPad Pro also updates 120 times per second. But 120Hz is a no-brainer for the 2020 iPhone. Heck, even a 90Hz refresh rate is nowhere to be found; as a result Samsung was given the opportunity to rub it in Apple’s face. The Korean manufacturer told Facebook today, “Your Galaxy gives you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen in a smartphone. “

So we have to wonder if Samsung’s decision to knock on Apple for removing the charger from the iPhone boxes will end up hurting Samsung in the long run. If the latter decides to do the same thing, which is perfectly acceptable, you know that Apple will take revenge. And just as other phone manufacturers are starting to remove the 3.5mm port from their handsets after rumors about Apple (if memory serves, the The Moto Z Force is actually the first handset to be made without a port), many other firms will start leaving the charger from their handset boxes as well.

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