Reno Gazette-Journal reaches two medical specialists to help explain how each of Nevada's lethal injection drugs (fentanyl, diazepam and cisatracurium) work and how it is used in medicine.
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Authorities told a 48-year-old Nevada death-row prisoner who wished for two years to die, but where the execution was deferred twice, was found dead in his cell from a bright hanging.

State Corrections Department spokesman Brooke Santina told The Associated Press that Scott Raymond Dozier was found at 4:35 pm Saturday in a single cell in a state prison in Ely.

Dozier gave the appeals and forced the state to execute his 2007 death sentence for the separatist killings of methamphetamine drug trade associates in 2002 in Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Twice his The lethal injection is scheduled, only to be stalled by a fight court in a never-before-tried three-drug combination headed by jail officials used. Company protection medicines using its drug use drugs

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