Alec Baldwin returns to play for President Donald Trump, and Maya Rudolph portrays Kamala Harris in the “Saturday Night Live”

; Season 46 premiere.


Michael Che did not hold back during the “Weekend Update,” making a punchline from his own network during a gag.

“NBC held an event in the town hall with President Trump, because what can I say? We have a type,” said Che who shrugged as a split-screen appeared on his shoulder, featuring three men, who were former appeared on the channel and faced accusations of sexual abuse: Bill Cosby, former “The Cosby Show,” ousted “Now” anchor Matt Lauer and former star of “The Apprentice,” President Donald Trump.

Cosby serves as a sentence for drug and sexual assault on Andrea Constand; Lauer denied a rape accusation from a former NBC News staffer, Brooke Nevils; Trump has repeatedly denied accusations of sexual misconduct.

Responding to the moans from the audience, Che began to laugh. “I’m starting to think you have nothing to like.”

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But he managed to win the audience a joke about the choice between Trump presidential and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “These choices are so bad, that Kanye and people run like, ‘Maybe?'” He says with a laugh.

Che also saw jokes with jokes about a stolen, 21-year-old ring tailed lemur, in which he showed an example of an animal: a picture of Timothée Chalamet. “Oh, OK,” he said, after observing the joke landed.

Che correctly predicted the other piece would not find success, however. “This is a fun one,” he sarcastically announced before delivering the joke.

“Fisher-Price has launched an online museum showcasing its toys over the past 90 years, or you can see it in person, at America’s famous toy museum: the Neverland Ranch,” he said. After hearing the audience’s excitement, Che replied: “I thought you didn’t like that.”

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