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So Bethesda Games Will Be Exclusive to Xbox, But Don’t Expect Xbox to Be Strong

Yesterday, a long interview made the rounds between Kotaku and Phil Spencer that included some pretty random stuff (Series S can load games faster than Series X due to more low texture scales?), but it’s also the closest Microsoft has said yes, the upcoming big Bethesda game will be exclusive to Xbox and not to PlayStation.

And maybe that is the closest they are ay say it, somehow before launching Series X.

Breaking the exchange, Kotaku asked Spencer if they could still recover a $ 7.5 billion investment with big games like Elder Scrolls VI no sold on the PlayStation, which will undoubtedly transfer 1

00M + units to the next generation.

Spencer replied with a blank, “Yes,” before further detailing:

“This deal was not made to take games to another player base like this. None of the documentation we put together was: ‘How can we prevent other players from playing these games?’ We want more people to play, not less people to play in. But I will also tell the model – I just directly answer the question you have – when I think about where people will play and the number of devices that we have, and we have xCloud and PC and Game Pass and our console base, I do not have to send those games to any other platform other than the platforms we support in order for us to get the deal done. tell me. “

So what does this really mean? What Spencer is saying without saying directly is that yes, big games like Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield and what Bethesda will do next outside of existing deals in places like Deathloop could be exclusive to Xbox.

But the definition of “Xbox Exclusive” at this point does not mean just box. Microsoft is transforming the Xbox, this generation in particular, to represent an entire ecosystem that includes Game Pass and xCloud streaming. So in the future, “Xbox” will be thought of less as a physical box and more in a whole ecosystem of platforms like Netflix. As in, you play your “Xbox exclusives” on the actual Xbox, but also PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, smart TVs and whatever else can run them. Or ready to run them.

By default, it seems to leave rival consoles like the Nintendo Switch and PS5. I can do it for sure see Nintendo agreeing to run Game Pass / xCloud on the Switch, but Spencer seems to indicate that there may be some issues with that. But Sony? Yeah, I guess not. And with that in mind, no, you won’t be able to play big Bethesda games on the PS5 in the future, and Microsoft seems to think they can do that.

And I mean, they can. Although Microsoft dropped the Netflix model and spent way, much more content than they actually brought, Microsoft is also one of the largest companies in the world and can do things like this. They want Netflix to be this space, whatever the cost, and they want Elder Scroll and Starfield like Stranger Things and Cobra Kai for Netflix to be assets to them, a factor that drives them to sign up.

But again, don’t expect Phil Spencer to throw things like “No, Elder Scroll and Fallout and Starfield will not be on the PlayStation in the future.” That would play a big part in the narrative of the war console that Spencer said he hated, though literally the action likely to be taken to better put Microsoft in this market. It’s just business. And yes, it will probably continue to be some Bethesda games are moving towards other consoles, but I really hope Microsoft saves the biggest release for the Xbox ecosystem so they can try to match Sony and Nintendo in exclusive parity, which has been a major problem for Xbox in three generations today

We’ll find out more about it all after the launch of these new consoles, when the gloves actually came out. So far, this is what we have heard most about in this matter.

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