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Steve Kerr Reminds Us Who Really Offers The NBA's Jointly Served

"The world is a complex place and there is more gray than black-and-white." That is how Steve Kerr justified his refusal to comment on the not-really-all-complicated NBA subject that bowed to the Chinese government angry anger on an American in America enforcing one of the major fundamental rights in America. Those words and the many who came with them were part of a long postgame conference in which Kerr argued with special skill why a prominent, proud NBA coach was adamant to stay for To a beleaguered colleague when doing so can be bad for business. kind of person or creature: one who wants to maintain their sense of self as a bold truth-teller, but would rather not actually engage in any of this dangerous truth-telling business. The NBA is one such entity.

For the past few years, the league has promoted the strong political mind of a handful of the most popular players and coaches ahead when marketing itself has been different . If you write an extended version of the league slogan, it can be read, The NBA: Where the amazing dunks and the amazing seven and the ignorant but generally bland ones comment that encapsulates the liberal factors of the broad demographic we want to appeal to without worrying about the ones we might offend (other than the people / governments we believe can actually deprive us of the money we have ended after ) happened .

A former player and now the coach of the league's best and known team, Kerr's voice is one of the first to come when the league boasts its political figures. He was widely praised for his futility, be it when speaking on lust and intelligence on the problem of gun violence or, perhaps more often, when offering trite is mourning the lament over the demise of civility in our politics. He's clearly thoughtful, curious, and a smart guy who is usually open to dealing with topics that are far from basketball, and the NBA wants to sell him and those like him as much of the game as a revolt. Which is why his direct and germane ducks are so weak about the biggest story in the league.

Kerr spoke for a good 1

5 minutes after his Warriors beat the Timberwolves in the preseason game Thursday night, it's time spent almost exclusively on the fallout from The Great Layup Forward . The press conference is a great distillation of what makes Kerr a substitute interesting and tedious as a commentator on world events, and what makes it particularly annoying that he won't be given a straight one answer about the China-NBA situation.

Kerr is concerned and understanding, as calling the stick-to-sports hypocrisy is largely obliterated by their Huggies because sports figures like Kerr are in fact sticking to sports. Other times he is passionate, such as when talking about why gun safety is "so close and dear to my heart" in the murder of his father. How many times has he been less intelligent, no more so than when comparing our current president's crass approach to what Kerr remembers as the noble, gentle days of … Ronald Reagan. ("It doesn't matter whose side you are on the political, political party, such," Kerr politely recalled the time he and his mother sat in the Oval Office next to one of the most devastating presidents of the country. "It is just, you are an American. The office holds such honor and respect, both from the people who visit and especially from the people sitting in it.") At all times Kerr came. as persuasive, enthusiastic, helpful, but ultimately eager. for how he insisted on dodging the question of China.

Kerr was perfectly within his rights to state that he did not know much about the historical situation between China and Hong Kong so it would be comfortable to talk about it. But no one asked him. So far, anyone meeting with Kerr has not been able to address specific issues that have led the people of Hong Kong to protest China's rule on the mainland. Every question he was asked was directly or indirectly related to the NBA's handling of Morey's tweet, and each time Kerr dropped, pointing out his ignorance or his respect for basketball's ability to "unite" or some other misunderstanding acts to justify why he did not want to say what he thought about the way the league dealt with this issue. When asked the clearest, most direct, and most important question – one that requires absolutely no expertise in the Ming dynasty to address – Kerr seems to deny the true legitimacy of the question:

Reporter: "The understanding that you don't want to comment on something outside the United States, do you broadly support NBA officials' ability to do so? In particular, do you believe Daryl Morey should not be fired? ”[19659002] Kerr: "I appreciate the fact that you have to ask me that question. I got. And I hope you appreciate my right not to answer that question, because all it does is create a headline and a soundtrack. And I chose not to be the sound guy tonight. ”

Reading between Kerr's deliberate lines, you can cast a worldview that might explain his reluctance. Kerr truly believes that basketball is, as he puts it, a "force for greater good." During his decades in and around the NBA, he saw firsthand how a shared love of the game can bring together diverse people from around the world. As such, he could be reluctant to say anything that could jeopardize the NBA – and thus the sport itself – access and influence to China's 1.4 billion people.

But that reasoning is a close cousin to the idea that globalized capitalism is inherently liberating and democratic – a belief that episodes like this between the NBA and China have traditionally declined. Yes, basketball is a unifying force. But around which values ​​does it combine? Obviously not the virtues of democracy and freedom of speech, otherwise, this scandal has not yet emerged. No, basketball values ​​are unifying around today the NBA's amoral economic interest and China's power. Kerr was certainly smart enough to see it all, and his heavy mind-set for his bottom line – protecting the silence not only ruined everything ideals he was expected to hold, but also revealed the entire identity of the league as a haven for social justice that was little more than a marketing slogan.

Let's not forget this ultimate shame is this situation that has plagued the NBA's access to honest and courageous political engagement. Morey's original tweet was a rote meme indicating what, accordingly, qualifies as a good message of solidarity with Hong Kong protesters. Morey's quick removal of patience, patience, and subsequent silence in his tweet indicated that it was so strong that his feelings were not exactly some solicited request for a reason close to his heart. In fact, Morey is likely to reflexively send a message that he believes will come and go with little fanfare, doing so with no real purpose other than to burn his own credentials as one of the NBA's speakers hard facts.

It's kind of funny, then, that Morey's failed attempt to claim some of Guy Guy's Cool, Socially Conscious Points resulted in craterin g of Cool's very own idea, Socially Conscious or NBA Guy. Which ultimately could be useful if we all let finally agree to stop putting a lot of stock into what people would say fast or draw good reviews play to say something about the world.

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