SportsPulse: With 162 games and no tanking deficit, MLB insider believes Bob Nightengale has time for the league to do something violent: Adopt a split season schedule.
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PHOENIX – One-out relievers are largely obsolete in Major League Baseball.

Multiple trade deadlines, with no trade permitted after July 31, are also near the roadside. [19659005] A clock pitch? Not long after.

There will be no teams like Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies playing with the 40-man roster in September, while Miami Marlins is playing only 25 players.

MLB's formal and union announcement Thursday some basic rule changes, most of which will be implemented in 2020, said two officials at USA TODAY Sports.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts indicates a change in the World Series era. (Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea, USA TODAY Sports)

– Pitchers are required to deal with a minimum of three batter in a game starting in 2020.

– There will be a single July 31 trading deadline, from now on, with teams prohibited from committing any kind of trade after that date.

– Mound visits will be reduced from six to five in games beginning this year, and may be reduced to four visits in 2020. [19659005] – There will be an All-Star election day since this summer in which fans can identify beginner players at the All-Star Game with 24-hour voting.

– Home Run Derby will now pay $ 1 million in winnings.

– Commercial breaks during injection are shortened by 20 seconds to 2 minutes.

– Position players are prohibited from building games that do not enter into extra seasons a team is ahead or behind at least eight runs.

– Committees are appointed by the commission's office of the sioner and union to formally discuss the concerns of the game economy. They will study ways to make the free agent market more active. They will consider removing incentives for teams from self-absorption to get top draft picks. They research efforts to prevent teams from manipulating the hours of service that delays their top prospects from so-called up to major leagues.

– And finally, starting in 2020, all teams will have a 28-year roster in the last month

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Fans and players will still vote in the traditional way for the All-Star team until July, but the top three finishers in each position are on a one-day election ballot where fans will identify the starting player.

The $ 1 million prize for home-run derby is designed to Get the best baseball stars to take part, with a total pool of $ 2.5 million.

The lowest three-batter is the most important change in the field, a scheme owned by Manfred. It will have ripples from the clubhouse, the chair of the concierge and even the front offices of how they build their rosters.

Players are not expected to challenge the change if it decides to enforce Manfred. Far from the same rule approvals, but it is also an understanding that a less-intensive game may be more appealing.

"We want to improve the game and we want to make it even more attractive to younger crowd," Reds lefty reliever Zach Duke told USA TODAY Sports this month. "The size of the younger crowd was many different than 10 years ago. I understand some of the proposals and the intentions behind it.

" The three-batter minimum impact is more in what a manager can do, the strategy he can employ. I do not know if the answer is true. But if there is a rule in the rules that makes sense, I do not think there will be much resistance here. We're honest: It's really all about keeping fans focused and keeping them coming to games. We want to put the best products here to keep fans there.

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"It's an entertainment industry, right? If nobody is entertained by it, then guess what – we have no jobs."

Perhaps the most glorious aspect of the changes is the MLB and the union wants to talk about bigger issues facing the game, and possibly make amendments to the Affiliate Bargaining Agreement, which avoids a potential job restraint after the time of 2021. This is the the first time the two sides had mid-term bargaining on broad economic issues.

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