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The CDC says The Coronavirus Is Not Spreading Easy In Surfaces

The guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in making cycles this week on the internet clarify what we know about coronavirus transmission.

The virus does not spread through contaminated surfaces, according to C.D.C. For those concerned about wiping grocery bags or disinfecting shipped packages, the the news headlines featuring this guide in the past may bring comfort.

But this information is not new: The C.D.C. has been using similar language for months. If anything, these headlines have gotten more focused on what we know about the virus.

Coronavirus is thought to spread primarily from one person to another, usually by drops when an infected person is dizzy, coughing or talking closely – even if that person does not show symptoms.

The website also states that people can be infected by “touching a surface or object with a virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or perhaps their eyes.” But those are “not thought to be the primary means of spreading the virus.”

“Our language of delivery has not changed,” Ms. Nordlund. “Covid-19 is spread primarily through close human contact with a human.”

It seems that the virus spreads easily when people are in close contact with one another – in a conversation, for example – or gathered in poor ventilation spaces, said Linsey Marr, an aerosol scientist at Virginia Tech.

He said that for someone to catch the virus from a surface, something seems to happen. First, the virus needs to be transmitted to the surface in sufficient amounts. Therefore, it will need to live on that surface until it is touched by other people. And even if it eventually moves, say, a person’s finger, it will need to survive on the skin until that person happens to touch an eye or mouth.

“There are still many conditions that must be met for delivery to occur by pressing these items,” Dr. Marr.

And since catching the coronavirus from a contaminated surface is still considered a possibility, people who prefer to wipe bags, boxes or park banks can still do so. The C.D.C. It is recommended to wash your hands frequently and regularly clean or disinfect frequently touching surfaces.

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