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The company pledged a one-way ticket to Mars was bankrupt

Mankind will lead Mars soon, but planning and conducting the first human mission on another planet is clearly a complicated and costly effort.

Mars One is one of the first and most ambitious attempts to capture someone's Mars mission on earth. But it is too treating, obscure and likely to be deceptive in nature. It's also dead today.

Mars One – which was broken into a confusing mishmash of a non-profit foundation and a for-profit company – gathered tens of millions of dollars from investors who saw a commitment to the company's goal creating a permanent Mars settlement.

The company's downfall reports, taken by Reddit and Spotted by Engadget, suggest that the entire organization will completely run out of funds.

A bankruptcy The declaration seemed to be the last nail in the coffin for the commercial efforts of Mars One and any mission still in their earliest stages.

But it's worth noting that the whole thing is a gigantic mess from the start and the business model (If you can also call it that) is ridiculous.

The company had baby money and pays licensing fees at the non-profit branch as it tries to advance to Mars's mission.

In the beginning, the company aims to have a $ 6 billion budget to get the first staff of four astronauts on Mars, but it has fallen into a short period of increase of that figure.

Even as it was created with the $ 6 billion inclusion, most experts agreed that it was not nearly enough funding to do the task at hand.

And then there is a mission itself, which is poorly studied and wants to be incredibly dangerous if it is realized that the company is planning. The idea is for astronauts to take a one-way trip to Mars, set up the beginning of a colony and then live their lives on Red Planet.

Scientists shout out the foul from the start, saying the plan has no sustainability and travelers are likely to die fast if they even survive on the journey.

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