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The Dark Photos: The Man of the Field Has Successfully Become A Co-op Horror Blast

Before I started the Medan Man demo I asked if I wanted to make choices in my mind or in my heart. I now realize that the question is only requested so the PR rep knows the t-shirt to give me, featuring a graphic pointing to any of my selections, but the question has nothing to do with my entire playthrough.

In the most prolific game of the Supermassive, Until Dawn, I made many decisions based on my emotional attachment to the characters. The Supermassive gameplay package definitely depends on how attractive / bad its characters are, and fortunately, Medan Man appears to deliver strong, poor personalities; there is a slight jerk, the great man, the nerdy brother, the captain who rules, the charming girlfriend. I got them and feared them in equal measure; a good sign in which any of these can die at any point in my playthrough.

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But I'm not the only one controlling their fate. I played the first 90 minutes of Man of Medan with a co-op partner. In Until Dawn, the Supermassive benefited from & # 39; pick your own fortune & # 39; the horror genre is a lot of fun with more than one person making decisions, so the choice is now available to play with other people, as well as playing through a & # 39; party mode & # 39; that you see to forward the controller between a larger group.

Playing with someone else made for many conversations after the demo ended, because our experiences are significantly different despite being in a separate location. The first 90 minutes of Man of Medan takes place in a small boat, where the mentioned ragtag group is on an expensive adventure to find an undocumented wreck.

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As my co-op partner and I played, we will stay with different characters based on how the story flows, which often puts us in the rest & # 39; different situations. At one point I played with Conrad on the boat board as he flirted with the Captain, while my partner played as Alex, planning (or not) with his girlfriend Julia under the water. Of course, I like to know what happened in the order of Alex and Julia, and a big point in our demo is how our individual experiences play.

Despite face facial animations to fill time as your co-op The partner made a decision, communicating with them also promises to be happy. More often than not you have chosen to be kind to them or become a real dickhead, so conversations can be quite different depending on who you are playing. In this case, my partner was beautiful and I did; I can think of playing with people who will not be generous, and the hilarity will take place.

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Like Up Dawn, the combination of your decision-making and fast-paced events will determine whether or not the characters live or die. At one point I made the decision to help save the rest of my friends from a threat (which I did not spoil here) by escaping to a speed boat; every step I made should be timed, like a duck to prevent a bullet. It was exciting – I was looking forward to more than a decent Talking Dawn conversation that was great – and there was a lot of pressure on the knowledge that if I killed a character, I killed that character for my co-op partner, too.

Which leaves the question: Was Man of the Terrible scary? It is precisely the moment of sudden shocks and a feeling of increasing fear, and appearing to tread the delicate line between terror and black comedy that Supermassive has proven that it can nail. But the first 90 minutes is a workout in the form of what promises to be the real hideous game, so much to explore when it was released on August 30.

Lucy O & # 39; Brien is the Executive Editor of the IGN Features. Follow him on Twitter .

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