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The God of War Ragnarok Sequel Faces a Great Obstacle To Atreus

The God of War announced now that Ragnarok sequel is satisfying fans for 2021

, but Atheus’ character has aged and changed may be a hindrance.

When Sony announced that God of War is getting a sequel to PS5 in 2021, fans will not be able to get rid of fun. A lot can happen on the premise that “Ragnarok is coming,” and fans are likely to duke it with Thor as Kratos at least once. However, Atreus as a character may present a narrative problem to God of War Ragnarok to follow.

With the start of Fimbulwinter, there was a good chance three years had passed since the first game. That means Atreus will be older, but age does not always give birth to wisdom. Atreus’ temper and his inner struggle with Deity are likely to be revealed, but as a general statement, some see children in video games as annoying. Now, while it’s not usually a big deal, combine it with the “The Scrappy” TV trope that introduces Atreus style, and it can show a hindrance.

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God of War: Atreus

As an NPC companion, Atreus really helps God of War gameplay. The staff themselves, on the other hand, are insignificant. From a narrative point of view, he fits the trope of the character “Scrappy” which is often very annoying, arrogant, or hurtful. Further, these characters are often inadvertently hated for narrative reasons. It was here that Atreus found himself God of War, and it is likely to get worse.

Atreus, as a child, was curious. This innocent behavior has been translated into annoying by some, especially given the intense father-son relationship between Kratos and Atreus, but there are also some traits. Atreus is young and inexperienced, often leading to simple mistakes that need to be corrected. Just like God of WarThe son, Atreus is angry and irritable, and in contrast to his inexperienced, can be overconfident at times. Upon discovering that he was a god, Atreus grew and became aggressive, insulting Sindri and Mimir in what he believed was under his newly discovered status.

At one point, Atreus clearly thought that he could do anything just because he was a god, had been negligent in fighting and disobeying Kratos. He even believes he has the right to kill Modi, which is one of the reasons Thor is taking revenge God of War.

Eventually, Kratos attempted to correct him and Atreus humbled himself, especially after learning of the patricide cycle seen in God of War franchise. As a comparison note, though, Atreus’ character is similar to Ava in Borderlands 3. There is hope that Ava learns from her training and becomes a more redeeming character, but for Atreus, it will probably get worse before she recovers.

God of War: Loki

God of War Atreus Evil

First, there is the fact that Atreus will be about 13 if the three full years of Fimbulwinter pass. Atreus is likely to be particularly irritating and hormonal, as are many children at that age. Having been incarcerated for three years with his father can be put to good age as well, and some of his worst habits now have had time to get together and become more part of his character. Ultimately, any change in Atreus during these three years is likely to be negative.

Second, there is a foreshadowing real name of Atreus: Loki. There is a good chance that his character arc is about correcting this second identity, but while the God of War World Serpent recognizes Atreus, some mythological aspects are likely to be true. Through time travel shenanigans, Atreus / Loki is the father of snakes, and that alone is enough for anyone to deal with. As Ragnarok came to them, Atreus was likely to struggle with this identity.

Finally, the mural of God of WarThe end has big implications for the future. This seems to indicate Atreus’ absorption of energy into Kratos’ life, as if Atreus was likely responsible for Kratos’ death. The end of the first game seems inevitable, but how fans react and how events unfold can force a lot of hatred, intentionally or otherwise, into Atreus

All things considered, Santa Monica Studio needs to find a way to deliver this intricate character, who is already fighting for divinity, who has a dark destiny, and who may inadvertently continue God of War patricide theme in the franchise. It was a difficult task, a studio certainly aware and up to, but Atreus ’future included God of War Ragnarok sequel to see.

A God of War sequel is in development for PS5.

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