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The Switch Lite Looks Nice, But What I Really Is a Switch Pro

Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

Earlier this week, finally Nintendo announced the long- rumored Switch Lite and it looks beautiful. At $ 200, even if it does not have support for the standard model docking feature, Switch Lite appears like a natural upgrade for anyone looking at a 3DS, and a perfect handheld companion for long car rides or airplanes.

But for someone who owns a Switch since launch, Switch Lite has no appeal for me. What I really like is a Switch Pro.

While this idea may sound like a dream pipe, there is some evidence Nintendo is gearing up to make it a reality. In March, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Nintendo was preparing to launch two new versions of Switch: "a cheaper option for casual players" almost certainly what Switch Lite was, and a version with "enhanced features that are targeted to avid videogamers. "In other words, a Switch Pro.

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More recently, a new FCC file indicates that Nintendo is planning to upgrade the Switch to a new SoC (which is a fancy term for a gadget's CPU, different flash memory types, and a new circuit board to accommodate those components.)

Additionally, as detailed in a report of Digital Foundry, many code lines in one of the recent firmware updates of Switch adds more weight to the potential development of a more powerful Switch.In version 5.0 of the Switch system software, There are reference to an unknown part codenamed Mariko featuring a revision number t214 or t210b01 instead of the typical t210 assignment for the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip used in the current Switch. 659004] More than that, a more powerful and more expensive version of the Switch makes many sense for the Nintendo portfolio. With the new $ 200 Switch Lite slotting under the $ 300 standard Switch, it feels that there's enough room for a $ 400 or $ 450 Switch Pro to bookend to the other side of the Nintendo price range.

But oddly, while Nintendo is due to announce the Switch Lite before it goes on sale later this fall, there is no official word about a Switch Pro. Here's what I want to see.

A better screen

This should be the number one upgrade to a Switch Pro. As it means, the Switch features a 1280 x 720 LCD screen that looks completely outdated in one day if even $ 200 budget phones have a 1920 x 1080 display. The current Switch screen is not very bright or colorful with modern metrics, and its bezel takes up a lot of space that can be used to increase its screen size without expanding the overall size of the Switch.

Even though I'm in a cloudy day, because Switch is facing a window, the dazzling screen is dominated.
Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

But more than the display itself, the front of the Switch's screen is plastic, non-reflective, which makes incredibly brittle. Additionally, out of all the modern gadgets with shiny screens, the reflections you get on the Switch screen are inflammatory. Using Switch to handheld mode on a sunny day (both inside and outside) often results in your own poor cup staring back at you as you try to play. I'm not trying to solve some puzzles here, not counting the number of times I blinked while playing Box Boy and Box Girl .

And if Nintendo wants to go even bigger from 6.2 inches to 7 inches or so, I'll take it too. The standard Switch is portable, but it does not fit into a pocket, so moving Pro just a little bigger will be a welcome change. [MoreAwfulJoy-Consayisamutamutindin)

Longer battery life

Another benefit of providing Switch Pro with a larger display can also give Nintendo more room to cram on larger batteries. Depending on the game (such as Wild Breath ), it is possible to kill the battery of the Switch under three hours. And before you consider the longevity destruction that all batteries suffer over time. Regardless, a larger battery is a simple simple request with many benefits. Longer handheld play, juicy juice on the larger screen, and even the ability to offer higher performance.

Support for wireless audio

While I really want Nintendo to keep the Pro Switch headphone jack, Nintendo needs to add support for Bluetooth audio devices. Trend is clear, more and more people deliver wired headphones and headsets for wireless alternatives, and it has long been for Switch to respond to that.

Plugging the headphone jack to Switch is not enough enough.
Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

Both Xbox One and PS4 support wireless headsets, and while it's technically capable of Switching through its smartphone app, the solution is just way too clunky. There are even games like Fortnite for Switch that support in-game audio and voice chat broadcast wirelessly, but to take advantage of that, you have to buy special third-party controllers .

More Storage

While many Switch games have reasonably reasonable file size ( Mario Odyssey is 5.5GB, and Super Mario Party ) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (14.9GB) and Breath of the Wild (13.4GB) is not too small. Buying both digital games and downloading them with Switch will release 32GB of onboard storage system.

Because I was worried about storage, I decided to buy Zelda's physical copy.
Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

Yes, you can add more space through the microSD card slot. But standard storage is so small that it causes a kind of anxiety storage. Because I'm always worried about the running of the room, I'm likely to install everything on a microSD card. This behavior results in slightly slower loading times than you would expect if the games are running outside of the internal Flash memory of the Switch.

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Now compare that to 1TB of the storage you get on an Xbox One X or S or 500GB of base storage you get at least expensive PS4, and easy to see why the next Switch requires noisy storage.

A Sturdier Kickstand

Many people want to enjoy the kickstand of the Switch. It's kind of thin, does not always work, and sometimes it feels it breaks if you look it wrong. But the Switch kickstand is more than just a case of a good idea with bad execution. While this may sound funny, I lost count of the number of times I saw people playing Real life in a bar, at a mall, while waiting in line, or even on a roof, all while keeping the Switch propped up by its kickstand.

Switch kickstand is a highly undervalued feature.
Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

The Switch kickstand is a great idea (more gadgets should go with them), it just needs to be more stable, more like what you get with a Microsoft Surface.

Bonus: The D-pad from the Switch Lite

A type of sneaky thing Nintendo for Switch Lite replaces the four face buttons on the left of the system with a traditional D-pad. Many Switch fans have been clamoring for it from the beginning, though I understand why Nintendo did not do this, as it was reduced from Joy-Con's ability to serve as the same half of a controller while also doubling as an independent gamepad . But after seeing it on Switch Lite, putting a D-Pad into a system that is targeted to gaming enthusiasts makes sense.

So what's left of it?

But wait, you do not mention faster performance. Yes, but as detailed above, Nintendo seems to be working. And while happy to see Nintendo to add support for 4K TV to a Switch Pro, I'm not sure the Switch really needs it, or it may even support resolutions high without a full redesign. Through games like Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo has proven to be as many times as ever as faster clock speeds and more many video RAM is not required to make a fantastic game. And when you add to the herds of India such as Stardew Valley Overcooked 2 and much more to rush to support Switch, this evident graphical horsepower is not one of the significant limitations of the Switch.

But that's just me, what else do you think Nintendo needs to add to a Switch Pro?

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