WASHINGTON – Fox News host Tucker Carlson used a part of his show on Wednesday at a address now -viral video shows her swearing to a visitor and calls her a bad inside a segment that's not aired.

While accepting unreasonable words was "indecent," Carlson said they were "accurate" and added: "True heartily, I have said it with great fidelity."

The video was published by NowThis News Wednesday afternoon and within eight hours was viewed over 3.5 million times on Twitter. Dutch historian Rutger Bregman seems to have secretly recorded or someone present for his Carlson interview earlier this month.

Bregman was invited to the network after he appeared in a panel during economic conferences around the world in Davos and told most elites that the rich should pay more than taxes.

After talking about the tax policy, Carlson and Bregman's conversation took a sharp turn and things were heated. Bregman argued that most people believed that the rich should be more taxed and the only reason that the issue was not highlighted at Fox News because the network, and its anchors, were "bought billionaire. "

Bregman Carlson accused of getting "their filthy money" and called him "billionaire funded by billionaire." He said that Fox News and Carlson's show were "part of the problem."

Carlson replies to profanities. "Why do not you go f-yourself, you little brain," said Carlson. "I hope it gets higher because you're a bad guy. I've tried to give you a hearing, but you're too f-annoying."

During Carlson's show on Wednesday, he said admitting the blasphemy-laced The answers to Bregman were not good.

"I did what I was trying to do on this show and I was rude," said Carlson. "I called her a bad habit and changed that word to a hollow Anglo-Saxon term that is also understood in Dutch."

He continued: "In my defense, I say that it is absolutely accurate but not allowed to use that word on television," adding that is why the segment is not air-conditioned.

"It's really sincere," said Carlson. "I mean it has a very honesty."

He said he had lashed, in part, because the accusations that his show and Fox News were guided blindly by the billionaires.

"Regardless of my mistakes or these channels, no one in management told us what positions would be done in the air," says Carlson. "Never, not one hour. We have total freedom here and we are thankful for that."

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