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What does Arya's new game mean for Game of Thrones?

Season Spoilers in "Winterfell," episode 1 of Game of Thrones season 8.

In Game of Thrones & # 39; also a blacksmith, and asked him to make a magical new weapon. We only saw a design he had drawn, but there were some clues from the past Aryan about what the weapon might be.

Arsenal Arya is pretty full. During the 7th, he took his hands on a new weapon, an unnamed rat made of Valyrian iron, which was both used in a murder attempt against his younger brother, Bran Stark. He also has his sword, Needle, which Jon Snow gave him in season 1

. That the weapon served him well in the Water Dance sword fighting style, where he needed to be fast and fast. But as he reminds Jon to "Winterfell," it did not do Valyrian iron, so it would be useless against the undead White Walkers coming from the north.

Maybe, the new Arya ya is commissioning from Gendry will help her face off against the White Walkers from a safer distance, rather than to get a close stab on them with her Valyrian dagger. We can see from the schematic part of the weapon made by dragonglass, a material that kills White Walkers and wights. It seems that the dragonglass part is detachable and can be reached within a longer arm like a staff, either a hilt on the other end, or another bad part.

We also know from Arya's training in 5 and 6 times that he has a skill with a man and to move between weapons, as he does when he serves Brienne of Tarth at 7, who with both Needle and his mouse. So the order of a new weapon can be combined with a staff and a rat, to maximize the training of Arya from various sources. And it implies a weapon that can change states during the battle, in order to invite more creative choreography against.

He is smart to be a guide. Hopefully, he's not just getting the new White Walker-fighting weapon this season. Jon brought dragonglass home stores from Dragonstone last time, so there should be a lot of material going around in crafting creative weapons against the undead.

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