Nick Cannon hosts a new competition series called The Masked Singer & # 39; in Fox and consists of his own late-night show for the network. He also reflected on the success of & # 39; Wild & # 39; N Out. & # 39; (January 8)

Spoiler alert! This story contains details from "The Masked Singer" Season 1, Episode 7, including the identification of a dying celebrity.

These singers are fighting to stay hidden.

The Fox episode episode reached by "The Masked Singer" has revealed another celebrity this week as the last six competitors – Peacock, Monster, Bee, Alien, Rabbit and Lion – put their best performance.

The monster launched the show in a fervent sing of Joan Jett and Blackhearts's "I Love Rock" n Roll, "after showing that he grew up in" South. "The judges were blown away by his performance. Robin Thicke called her furious" favorite "creature, throwing out the" Life Color "prophecy Tommy Davidson. Jenny McCarthy thinks Lil Jon, while guest judge JB Smoove thinks this is the boxer Mike Tyson after the monster says he "walked back to the ring."

Moments of Monster's reality: He's not in "Living Color." [196590010] A celebrity in "Monster" costume and host Nick Cannon on "The Masked Singer." (Photo: Michael Becker / Fox, Michael Becker / Fox)